Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another one of those...

1.Do you smoke ciggs? - Socially.I find so damn attractive ,smoking while having a good conversation with my friends.

2. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? - weeks? isn't that short? :D

3. Who's the last person that came to your house? - My 2 close friends.Missed it , it was a long time we hadn't chinwaged...

4. Miss someone? - I do feel like a chameleon , on this matter.It depends.But this is not related to old stories anyway..

5. Is there anyone you would like to fight? - I find it unnecessary to dialogue with whom I dislike.But I'd do this with the ones that are teasing my beloved ones, anytime,at any place.

6. Do you like someone right now? - yeah..

is it because of your weird nature to ask such questions bthw?

7. Song playing? - yeah..I'm stuck in Nina Simone,Cesaria Evora,Billy Holiday lately.

8. What are you doing tomorrow? - just another working that is boring..

9. Do you know what tofu is? - yep

10. Have you ever eaten it? -nope.i don't think i lost s.t big anyway..

11. Do you want to go back to middle school? - no, but university , i do miss at times...

12. Have you ever watched the Britney Spears movie? - I prefer watching B class horror movies.Plus listening to Mariah Carey..
ok , ok let's not exaggerate..Mariah would be a true torture.

13. What did you do yesterday? - sat on my office chair for 9 hours. Then went out thinking all my way home, about different things.I like pondering during my walk on the park.

14. Who did you ride in a car with last? - the taxi driver from diyarbakir ( a south-east turkish city).his turkish dialect was so very weird i couldn't get anything from what he said.And the problem was that he enjoyed talking so very much:( I had to force myself to focus on smiling and I was so damn sleepy:(

15. Are you tired? - Inertia at some facts of my life tires me at times.

16. Who were you with today/tonight? - my friends

17. Where is your mother right now? - 798 km away from me.And just a login to msn.i love technology..seriously! i like to see my mommy's face smile when I post her the video link of her favourite song of the moment (disko partizani)..It's maybe just the pixel of her I'm kissing, but it is still worth doing it..

18. What color socks do you have on? - white-black zebras:) Today I'm Pipi calzalunga:)

19. What color is the shirt you are wearing? - black shirt with black pants and suspenders..thanks Klod;))

Majla knows i just love them:)

20. Where is the best place you have ever visited? - i still haven't..

21. Do you think barbie is a negative role model for young girls? - i don't think i can give a better answer from Klodi's on this:)))

22. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? - not too much time.i'm good at ignoring to wear what i hate to see on me.

23. Does your family own any boats? - what, are you a pawnbroker or what?

24. Have you ever kissed your cat? - yep kissed it, squeezed it..just loved my cat. brrrr miss him:((

25. Where were you when 9/11 happened? - far , far away

26. Describe the computer you are currently using? -we are under a peaceful atmosphere with the new machine.It's so great compared to that old dull pc of mine.

27. Have you been outside of the U.S.? - newsflash: the U.S. is not the only country in the world. really.and i have been in many places except for U.S :p

28. The last text you received on your mobile was from? - not even worth mentioning.but i felt i owe you a laughter so i'm just writing you my last sms's text:write ASK (means love in turkish) then send it to this no... win a great love hit melody for your mobile (a totally arabesque song of course).

In fact as i read it I understand there's nothing to laugh about it.Sorry guys,keep away yourself from hair hanking!

30. Ever had a crush on a teacher? - not as far as i remember...perhaps because everything that reminds me of exigences , makes me hard to feel an affection for.

31. Do you wish at 11:11? - Nope.My brain is still with me , hasn't gone yet on Bali holidaying.

32. contacts or glasses? - none.

33. Next vacation you're going on? - I'm just looking forward to visit some special Turkey cities (Mardin,Capadoccia) in summer with a very special person who comes from far far away:))

34. Do you play any instruments? - None , but I'd love to play drums.

35. Do you have any piercings? - Nope.Do rings , earrings count? Because I'm not wearing them either:p

36. Last person you hugged? - My friends..But none of the kind that you asked.

37. In the last 24 hours what did you do? -i think you should seriously take some sclerosis pills.

38.Who/What made you angry today? - Like always, everything cumbersome.

39. Do you download music? - yeah , a hell of it!

40. Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally? - Guess so.It was sweet!

41. Do you love anyone? - We'll see:)))

42. Have you ever bungee jumped? - Not in the literal sense of the word, no. figuratively however, many a time. (copy pasted from Klodi:))

43. Ever have an antfarm? - no, i played real games when i was a kid. games like, "topa gropash," "loje me pinca" or whatever else kids are not supposed to play with nowadays. (copy pasted from Klodi:)

44. Do you find yourself loved? -We'll see:)

45. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? -once at work:))

And once I had remained too late to our showroom and I was working alone for the moment.I jumped into a taxi and terrorized called my friend from the factory and said her : Something scary happened.
She asked me frightened what has happened and started laughing loudly when i explained her the matter.She told me in turkish this word can't be used in such situations.Eh , we, the albos are too much dramatizing:)
My work pals used this word of mine for a long period and they were successful you know? :))

I can't believe it's over:)) I pass this to Majla(zhapiku),Elais,Edi (Bizele),Akarta,Rockygirl,Bleteza,Redbonsai,Loer,Strangeman,Krasta,Kim,Massia..and don't you dare not fill it:))))

Monday, February 25, 2008

No soul-wallpapering needed!

(Portrait shot by Tuba,diptych by me then photoshoped by Tuba.her site:

Think pink!Think positive!

It's this very well known politics of self-beguiling,soul-conciliating,nerve-mollificating.
A very well -known, quite missionarily disseminated , frequently used, vulgarly banal, teasing attitude!

It's the best hidden brainwasher and most innocent looking mind manipulation.
It's the best-seller doctrine amongst Pollyana enthusiasts.

Now, how stupid is that..How disturbing is the epidemic way it spreads..

How insane is engraining senseless positive thoughts to your mind , without even understanding perceiving and admitting the negative parts of your life.

A volunteer blindness.A meaningless escape from the genuine bad condition to a suffocating "relief" .The easy escape from the evil that could be fighted back ,to an emetic rescue.

How pointless is disguising/decorating your sentiments , when your soul is not at peace with itself?
That wouldn't help protecting you from the continuosly and inevitably growing evil , from the unscapable coward in your soul.

Therefore , consciousness towards anything annoyable and it's confronting is much better than a artificial happiness dose.

for more on this : (the art of negative thinking ) movie is highly recommended.
movie trailer :

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pasazhi Hazzo Pulo

Sot dua t'ju flas pak per nje pasazh te Stambollit te cilin e dua shume dhe e vizitoj shpesh.
Pasazhi Hazzo Pulo , gjendet ne Taksim(rrugen Istiklal) pra nje nga rruget me te populluara dhe vizituara te qytetit.
Pas punimeve 21 vjeçare , ky pasazh i hapur ne vitin 1871, nga tregtari grek me te njejtin emer, si fillim u perdor nga Turqit e Rinj (grup militant qe ri-ndezi levizjen e monarkise gjate periudhes se perandorise Osmane).Ne fillim te diteve te tij , katet e siperme te banesave perdoreshin si shtepi ndersa te poshtmet si vende pune.
Pasazhi ka 3 dyer te ndryshme dhe banesa me 5 kate.
Ajo qe e ben ate te veçante eshte se e ruan ende atmosferen e diteve te kaluara , se bashku me shtepite dhe dyqanet e ruajtura ne menyre perfekte.
Vlen te veçohet ketu dyqani i kapeleve vintage i zonjes Katja i cili i reziston kohes me tere forcen dhe bukurine nostalgjike te tij.
Une per vete sa here kaloj andej me mbesin syte tek kapelet ,tek te cilat kushdo qe mund ti hedhe nje veshtrim me pakez fantazi mund te gjalleroje ne syte e tij , Rita Hayworth,Vivien Leigh dhe sa e sa heroina te tjera te ekranit dhe karakteret e tyre te paharrueshme.
Po ashtu nje ndertese e rendesishme e pasazhit ka qene dhe salla e operas-teatrit Çuhayciyan, nje ndertese e rendesishme e shekullit te kaluar.
Si dhe pjese e njohur e pasazhit eshte dhe shtepia e veres qe mban te njejtin titull me pasazhin.

Ndersa ne ditet e sotme pasazhi eshte i populluar nga dyqane te zanatçinjve te ndryshem si rrobaqepes,shites arturinash,argjendare,librashites etj.Pasazhi hapet ne 7.30 te mengjesit dhe mbyllet ne 20.30 te darkes.
Nuk eshte shume i madh por ka nje atmosfere shume te veçante ne kete pasazh, mbase thjesht nga ideja se eshte nje nga vendet e pakta ku mund ta ndjesh , prekesh , marresh eren e se shkuares.
Qe kur futesh nga dera e tij nostalgjike , te mirepret nje oborr i kendshem, i shtruar me kalldrem , me disa stola ne mes te tij , te vendosur me qellim uljeje dhe jo vetem shplodhjeje por dhe soditjetjeje sepse nuk mund te kalosh pa e soditur e qemtuar çdo skaj te ketij pasazhi.
Ne te djathte ndodhet dhe nje çajtore me tavolina dhe stola te ulet , stacion ky i paevitueshem dhe i detyrueshem do te thoja per t'ja nxjerre zine :) pasazhit.
Nje kafe apo çaj i zi, nje loje tavell,bisedim me miqte, apo dhe nje shfletim i ndonje libri te vjeter ,faqezverdhur e eremire (qe mund ta gjeni ne ndonje nga librashitesit e pasazhit) i bejne vertet te paharrueshme ato momente qe do kaloni aty.
Eh pa harruar te shkrepni dhe ndonje fotografi apo te bleni diçka te vogel qofte dhe si kujtim prej ketij pasazhi te paharruar.

p.s: dhe nje foto shtepie ne kete pasazh:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

All is full of snow:)

It was 2 years we haven't had any snow here in Istanbul.
As a person grown up in Tirana , Albania , a city with a mild mediterranean climate, I remember always myself missing snow and looking forward to see the snowing days.
In fact, after coming to Istanbul I have seen snow several times, but as I told you it was 2 years we hadn't any snow.


This year was better , because we have had snow twice on the previous months, but not anything serious anyway.
When I got out today to go to work, hundreds of snow crystals blowed to my face.It was cold , but I loved that refreshing feeling.So I just walked , ignoring the cold and the snow melting in my coat.
And when I was at work everything was wonderfully covered, under this splendid whitish cotton like surface.

So I just got some pics , trying to show you how great Istanbul looks today:) Hope you enjoy...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My cable trip to Dajti Mountain



The photos will show you better:) I shot most of them from the cable .It was real fun!
p.s: this photo goes for the one that can't see the slideshow.heck , they have censured slideshow here in Turkey so I'm not able to use it properly:(( i'm so sick of it :((

Monday, February 11, 2008



I love steps.
They are what make us go ahead.
What make us change , and not only our position, but our whole placement altogether with all what binds it with us.They are what get us closer to our resolutions.

They are the most particular and important part of renewal .
I say this as one has to has courage to make the first step ain't it?

It entails courage and decisiveness to make a step.
A step is the very begining of a still not known future , the very first companion of foolhardiness, and the very first knock to a possible accomplishment as well as the closest path to collapse.
For that reason, not all of us can figure out venturing.

And the ones that can't make or can't decide to make that first step are not to be blamed.
Because neither is a bless to be the all-time fearless , nor is a curse to be the backward.

What really counts I think , is perceiving the step's nature and importance and what it gets to undertake it as maybe everything is gonna be easier to be assumed after.

p.s: photo taken yesterday at Santralistanbul (

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hapini dyert e tolerances...

I shquari Mevlâna , mjaft i njohur ne tere boten lindi me 30 Shtator 1207 ne qytetin Belh te shtetit te atehershem Horasan (sot gjendet ne Afganistan).
Mevlana qe nje figure dhe dijetar i shquar , doktrina,filozofia dhe mendimet e te cilit jane ende nje nga muzat e shume artisteve dhe njerezve.
Ne nje bote si kjo e sotmja , ku mbizoterojne luftrat,keqkuptimet dhe mungesa totale e mirekuptimit , doktrinat humaniste,tolerante dhe empatike te Mevlanes , jane si balsam per tere shpritrat tane.
Po ndaj sot me ju disa thenie dhe shprehje te tij.
Se pari po ve te preferuaren time:

Eja,eja, cilido qofsh ti serish eja,
ne daç i pafe,ne daç zarathustre apo pagan, ti eja;
Dera jone , nuk eshte dera e deshperimit,
edhe sikur ta kesh thyer njeqind here betimin tend , ti eja...
si dhe disa shprehje te tjera te tij:

1.Pas vdekjes sone mos nai kerkoni varret ne kete bote varret tona gjenden ne zemrat e te ndjeshmeve..2.Do te doja te isha diell , qe ne forme rrezesh te arta shperndahet neper oqeane dhe shkretetira do te desha te isha si ajo era qe fryn fytyres ajo ere qe fryn naten dhe perzihet me lutjet e te pafajshmeve...3.Nese je ti ai/ajo qe ma merr jeten, vdekja do t'me ishte kaq e embel nese jemi bashke vdekja do te ishte me e embel se ky xhan i embel...4.Mos u be nje pike , ktheje veten ne nje det meqenese ke mall per detin , zhduke piken..afrohu,afrohu5.Ose duku siç je , ose ji siç dukesh!

per me shume info rreth Mevlanes:

Saturday, February 02, 2008

You've got mail :)

I love letters.I love sending and receiving letters.
I remember , during summer holidays in high school period , I used to send letters to my school friends.I also received a lot of letters.It was so much fun, to receive lots of letters a week.
We became friends with the postman and he'd say smiling when he came: Hey dude, you're lucky, this time I have 2 letters and a postcard waiting for you:)
It was fun, indeed!

And this was just 10 years ago.Not such a long time.But how much have we , our habits, our lives changed!!!
I admit it , I've become one of those lazy persons too.
Pity ; I know, but internet's limitless availability and the rush that characterizes our daily lives doesn't help at all to arouse the will of letter communication.

But all of us love to receive letters, I know.So , if we just push ourselves to do something different one day , to behave more humanly and less cyberly:), we could re-change some things.
I wanna take advantage of this self-critical post to thank my cousin and my Brasilian blogger friend
Luciano for the lovely postcards:)

P.S : I guess my 2008's sole resolution will be : sending letters and postcards to my friends:)

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