Monday, December 28, 2009

Blast from the past


note all images :© Eni Turkeshi Photography

I wanted to share some photos from a lovely vintage shop , i visited some days ago in Tornby, Denmark.

more about Tornby here :


I`m in love with everything vintage and i think this was one of the best vintage shops to visit.


You could find there different objects and also different kind of food,beverages and cigarettes.


But not only them of course;)Lots of toys, fancy toy saving boxes, colorful yarns , kitchen stuff etc etc.


If it was for me i`d spend a long long time there , having a look at every detail of this cute store.But the bus had to leave so i tried to get some photos to keep them in my mind ;)


For a moment i felt like Amelie that found that old box in her apartment ;)I couldn`t help it;)
I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos too;)






Monday, December 21, 2009


Once more as i did last year , i deciced to make a 2010 calendar for all of the dear Albtranslator readers;)
Wish you have a fabulous year ahead;)
note all images :© Eni Turkeshi Photography













Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old town in Aarhus

all images © Eni Turkeshi Photography

Last weekend i had the chance to visit the city of Aarhus , one of the biggest cities of Denmark.
The city gets the name from the river runing into it.

That`s why it reminded me of Amsterdam a bit because of its bicycles,river and some of its houses.

It`s one of the most energic cities of Denmark thanks to the many students living here.Although we did not have a long time to visit it , i can say it was a lovely city, which i wish i will revisit soon.
But what i want to talk about in this post , is the Old Town in Aarhus, a historic treasure.The town is celebrating its 100 anniversary.
The town consists of 75 old houses , gardens,shops,workshops,and exhibitions.You can feel yourself living in an Andersen tale for a while;)
There were different shops of different crafts there such as bicycle makers, shoe makers , tailors , coppersmiths, barber etc.
I also found a photographers house:) It was so cool with great furniture and an old camera to die for.
The houses were very lovely too and mostof them very well furnished.

The river passes between some of the houses and lots of swans and gooses made it even more lovely.
When i saw them and the houses for a moment i felt myself like a protagonist at `Nils Holgerson` movie:))

There are different exhibitions and events being organized here and also picnik houses are available for the visitors .
I think this is a ver very good idea.You can have your food in a very special old house .

Actually there are a loft of things to be told about this special city but i will leave this to the photos to show;)

One last info: The entrance fee is 11 euro for tourists and around 7.5 euro for students.

for more infos:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn in Denmark

The autumn in Denmark is very lovely.This country is full with colors which during autumn enhance even more.
I love how it rains here , mild and slowly; it`s so peaceful.
I love the flavour of fresh cut grass and the fresh air.

before sunset

In this post i`m sharing with you some of my photos taken in different zones of Denmark such as :Blubjerg,Vraa,Rold Forest etc.





note: all images © Eni Turkeshi Photography

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Half photo marathon in Prague

The last assignment during our study trip in Prague was a half photo marathon.I say half photo marathon since the true one is supposed to last 24 hours , but ours was only 12 hours since it was our first time ;)
We had to take only one photo for a different subject every hour.
The subjects were decided by our teachers and i can say that some of them looked strange in my eyes first , but i liked them a lot after.
Especially the `download me` theme amused me a lot , even though i found it quite different in the begining;)
We could take the photos in digital or analogue , i took 11 photos in analogue and 1 in digital.Actually my aim was to get all of them in analogue, because that would be more challenging to me , a newbie in analogue and in fact i did, but i disliked the analogue version so i used the digital one instead .
It was a tiring day full of surprises.It started at 10.00 am and was over at 10.00 pm.
I took my last photo from the Charles Bridge (a so so photo in my opinion) and then rushed back to our appointment place.
Below you may find the whole themes and their respective photos i took in 12 hours ;)
ps: i`m really curious to hear your intepretations on photos;)

the city awakes

mama`s boy (the only digital photo)


criminal intent

streetlife deluxe

download me


at the movies

genius or a fool

Obama look alike 


the finest hour

note: all photos © Eni Turkeshi Photography

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Poetic Prague

The photos on this slideshow are part of another photographic assignment named : Poetic (introvert Prague).
The photography students had to take analogue photos of poetic,introvert Prague,while the photojournalism students had to take digital photos of extrovert Prague.

Using an old Kodak Retina camera, which is a very lovely one but at times hard to focus , is very nice and challenging.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

One hour ,50 photos at Cafe Slavia-Prague

The photos you can see in this slideshow , are part of a photographic assignment , that me and the other photographer students had to carry out during our stay in Prague.

The assignment was shortly: Each of us had to pick a place (not more than 5 metre square) in the city , stay there for at least one hour and take at least 50 digital photos or a whole film (consisting of 36,24 photos for 35 mm cameras and 12 or less for medium format cameras and just one for large format cameras).

I choosed to work on digital this time , since i`m still a beginer in analogue photography and since i wanted to get some colorful photos this time (on analogue we work only b&w ).
But soon i`ll post here photos from another assignment : this one in analogue;)

Anyways , i decided to realize this assignment at Cafe Slavia , one very famous historic Czech cafe .
The reason i choosed this cafe , was because i liked it atmosphere , but also because of it`s very cool location in one of the most popular Prague streets.Surrounded by the National theatre, Charles bridge and the Prague Castle , this cafe has a lot to offer visually;)
And not only;)

The fact that it has been one of the favourite cafes of Kundera and Kafka made the cafe a `must` location;)

Of course i couldn`t get all of the above written locations in my photos, but i could profit of the busy street images and the lovely corner i had in front of me;)

It was a compelling assignment i must say ;) Sometimes i felt like bored and sometimes like stucked in but did not give up anyway;)

To spice up my senses i decided to order an absinth coffe , the speciality of the restaurant;)
It was a nice one;)

One hour passed away faster than i thought;)
I must say it was a fun time for me documenting one hour of my experience in a cafe of a city i was not familiar to;)

It was challenging too,because it forced me to take photos of objects that i don`t always notice.
So in a way was a disciplining assignment for me;)
It`s good to discipline your ideas and photographic eye i think , since everyone tends to ignore things that aren`t part of their interest, but of course this doesn`t mean that them are less important;)

ps: none of the photos is edited.

for more info on this cafe :

Friday, September 18, 2009

Still got the blues

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

For all of you that like this song;)Here you go;)

I was inspired by it to create this photo;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Light magic

all images :© Eni Turkeshi Photography

A friend of mine asked me to post something new so here i am.
I`m very short of words nowadays, so my easiest and best escape is to express myself with photos.
The story of this post is again regarded to the magic of light.
A month ago when i took this photos , i was mesmerized by light in some of Tirana`s old streets.

And thought to share this with you since i miss Tirana ;) hope you enjoy;)


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