Saturday, May 30, 2009

Intervista me fotografe shqiptare

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Sic shume nga ju mund ta dini, ne flickr egziston dhe grupi `Fotografe Shqiptare` i hapur qe perpara 2.5 vitesh.

Grupi yne tashme ka marre nje hov te konsiderueshem krahasuar me ditet e para te tij kur ishim ca si te fjetur ;)
Grupi eshte mjaft interesant nga temat e ndryshme qe diskuton dhe sjell , te tera na ndihmojne ne shqiptareve te shperndare ne tere boten per te ndare idete dhe imazhet .

Ne kete grup , ku dhe une jam nje nga adminet , pervec konkurseve dhe temave te tjera te trajtuara mendova para 6 muajsh te hapja nje teme te re [qe u miratua dhe nga grupi ], qe kishte si synim te intervistonim dhe sillnim punen e fotografe shqiptare pjesetare te grupit ,sigurisht pa dallim mes fotografeve amatore apo profesioniste.
Qellimi qe qe te njihej me mire dhe me hollesi fotografia e shume shqiptareve qe jane anetare te grupit dhe per te krijuar nje platforme te re diskutimi per punen e cdo fotografi.Intervista perbehet nga disa pyetje qe i behen autorit/es rreth zanafilles ne fotografi , ndikimet ne fotografi etj, si dhe shoqerohet me fotografi te tij /saj.
Me poshte keni linkun qe do ju drejtoje tek nje teme ku jane permbledhur linket e intervistave te deritanishme;)Kjo liste do rinovohet cdo jave , na ndiqni per te mesuar me shume cdo jave rreth fotografeve shqiptare;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

After rain freshness


© Eni Turkeshi Photography

i like the rain but especially love how everything looks after it stops.
it looks like everything is different after it.

especially love the after rain freshness.
love the colors, love how the ground smells and how fresh air surrounds me...
everything seems so clear and uncomplicated and plain.

it reminds me of the unforgettable Pink Floyd`s `High Hopes` verses :

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter

Old Tissues

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

Old tissues can not be replaced with the young ones.Unless you want to!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Signs can`t be foreseen , but at least do follow them ;)

a Patrick Hughes video

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vote for the best google doodle!

I stumbled upon this interesting article on google and thought to share it with you.
You might have noticed different doodles during special events or holidays on google.

This doodle thing has become a speciality of google to celebrate some special days.
I like it a lot , i find it very amusing.

Last day i
noticed the `new doodle contest` .
28.000 K-12 students drew different google doodles under the theme `What i wish for the world`.
It was really lovely to see all of these creative , differently seen doodles , but the most special thing was to read the way the young artists described their works ;) So do not miss it!

This year the contest is opened just to the US children.
Voting is now opened and it will end on 18th of May.
The winner doodle will appear on google`s site on 21st of May 2009.

to vote click here :

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Catch the rainbow


© Eni Turkeshi Photography

After a long period of rainy days , last day i stumbled upon a marvelous rainbow in Tirana. It was really amazing at least for me since i have not experienced many of them.

And i can definitely say that ,up to know except for the rainbow i had seen in Bosphorus ,Istanbul this was the most amazing one ;)
It looked like it was dividing the city ;)

I had never seen a rainbow looking so close to the city and so down to earth ;)
I wanted to share this genuine moment with you ;)
Enjoy the lovely rainbow of Tirana!

ps : you might want to listen to this while watching the photo ;)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rain Lullaby

all photos :© Eni Turkeshi Photography

Raindrop Rhythm
©Fannie L. Houck

Heard the rhythm of the raindrops
Dripping to the ground.
Heard the rhythm of the raindrops
Dropping all around.
Heard the rhythm of the raindrops
Drumming on the rafter.
Heard the rhythm of the raindrops
Drowning out our laughter.

April Rain Song
© Langston Hughes

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk.
The rain makes running pools in the gutter.
the rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night -
And I love the rain.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

4th tulip festival in Istanbul

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

One of the things i miss more of Istanbul is also the lovely tulip festival organised each april in Istanbul.
This year was the 4th time but i wasn`t present :(
Actually the photo of this post is shot last year .

The tulip festival is getting each year bigger and more magnificient with more tulips everywhere the city (the number of tulips raised to 16 million this year !! ) and different activities , such as `tulip photography contest and exhibition ` , organized by the municipality.

The main place of this festival is the beautiful Emirgan Park (

for more cool photos and infos you might visit this page :

also you might check from here my old posts regarding last festivals:


all images © Eni Turkeshi Photography

I`ve always loved polaroid photography.

I love everything about such photos , the tones, warmness of colors, vintage feel they have , their atmosphere .The emotions are so very tangible in such photos.

I love the old fashioned style of them.The photos i have added to this post belong to me but are not pure analogue polaroids , they`re just shot with a point and shot digital camera and then turned to polaroid using one of the many digital techniques you may find on net.Sorry for this little cheat ;) , i wouldn`t prefer it if i had a real analogue polaroid camera ;)

still life

As many of you might have heard , Polaroid is transforming itself from an analog Instant Film Production Company to a global Consumer Electronics and Digital Imaging company.

Many analogue polaroid lovers are protesting this and different campaigns are carried out.You can check out below.Please sign the petition to save polaroid film too.

Flickr is also organizing a very special activity each year called `roid week`.You can check it from this link to see some really superb polaroid photos:

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book covers from my photos

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