Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reality bites

Yes babe! Until you learn to distinguish what`s fake and what`s real , you`re gonna be shocked way too much!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Of reflections and truths

photo :© Eni Turkeshi Photography

No matter how cleverly you sneak up on a mirror, your reflection always looks you straight in the eye.

I have heard this quote in a movie i like very much and when i first heard it , i was stuck repeating it all day ;)
It was really one of the truest words ever said.

Mirrors are some of the rare places (our interior reasoning shelters are an exception of course:) , where we never success to cajole ourselves.
Of course it`s easier to do that with others , but yourself, can you really cheat?

It might look like an unimportant thing , but it`s not.
Even under our most pretentious, mighty, supreme look , you can sense the granules of senility, fear & uncertainty floating through your eyes.

And it`s in this moment that you understand how in vain all of this is.

So maybe the healthiest and wisest thing might be to relax and look at yourself the way you really feel.
Talking to yourself can be another alternative as well.It might make you feel relieved after all;)

What? Have you never talked to yourself while looking at a mirror?
Nonsense..i wouldn`t believe this crap.
And even if it`s so , i think this is just a form of self escape or a form of self prevail.
But that would not be a relieve , but merely a disguise or a temporary postponing of fears you are still escaping from.

For that reason i think the best and the first thing to deal with this would be , learning how to look bravely and sincerely to yourself.
Later on ,this might be a leading light to your dark soul interiors.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

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