Monday, June 22, 2009

Paskem qene, paskam pasur, qenkam zgjedhur !!!

Une paskam fituar mes 5 fotove me te mira konkursin e kartolinave te 14 shkurtit te organizuar nga Mania Card (
Madje dhe kartolina me foton time qenkesh shtypur nga kjo faqe.
Per cilen? Per kete foto timen.
Por prisni , prisni mos me uroni para kohe.
Vertet kane ndodhur te tera keto , por fotoja ime nuk eshte e njejta , e kane prere, stolisur jo keshtu minimalisht por sakatuar ama ...Botoks the?
Edhe Cher nuk ka pesuar aq shume ndryshime shperfytyruese sa foto ime.
Ndryshimi me i madh cili qe do thoni?
Po ja prapa kartolines shkruan me germa te medha dhe pa i bere fare syri terr:

© Elton Koja 2009

Besoj se e shihni operacionin e kryer mbi foton time apo jo?
Sa e lehte eshte ne Shqiperi te vihet shenja e te drejtes se autorit?Sa e lehte eshte te perfitohet mbi punen e dikujt tjeter , duke e perdhosur , ndryshuar, mos respektuar , mos treguar ate aq me teper duke vene te drejte autori mbi punen e dikujt tjeter?


Ja pra kaq elehte qenka.
Une vetem nje gje nuk kuptoj.
Ky Elton Koja kaq te lehte e kishte ta vinte kete te drejten e autorit siper fotos sime?Se jo per gje por nje foto qe dihet anembane se eshte e imja dikur do ti dilnin lakrat ne shesh apo jo?Dhe ja qe me ne fund doli ne shesh.
Nje ankese i eshte parashtruar firmes qe ka nxjerre kartolinat , ndersa Elton Koja le te gezoje oret e fundit te te drejtes se autorit mbi foton time dhe ore te pafundme turpi per vjedhjen e shemtuar!
Dhe shtoj se nuk do ta le me kaq!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The caucasian chalk circle


all photos : © Eni Turkeshi Photography

Yesterday i had the chance to watch Bertold Brecht`s drama `The caucasian chalk circle` performed by the students of Academy of Fine Arts of Albania, acting branch.
My cousin , the lovely girl on the picture above was performing too;)
It was their diploma performing and everyone was a little stressed but they managed perfectly to transmit the emotions and powerful sense of this beautiful piece of Brecht.
I don`t think i`m exaggerating when i say all of them looked so pro in my eyes!
It was one of the best performances i`ve seen lately;)
To read more on the drama please check the link below.

more photos here

Friday, June 19, 2009

On photography

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

to me photography is like a special braille alphabet that helps us humans , see and/or touch the perceptions,feelings,colors,moods and moments , that we sometimes , are just blind to see.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some possibly tough questions

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

can you control suspension?
can you heal obsession?
can you fake tranquility?
can you make the air lighter?
can you restrain a demanding soul?
can you sober a rebel heart?
can you stop thoughts suffocation?
and please , oh please :can you comb my nerves?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream about the sun you queen of rain

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

In that big big house
there are fifty doors
and one of them leads to your heart.

in the time of spring
I passed your gate
and tried to make a start.

all I knew
was the
scent of sea and dew

but i
been in love before,
how about you?

There`s a time for the good in life,
a time to kill the pain in life,
dream about the sun you queen of rain.

In that big old house
there are fifty beds
and one of them leads to your soul.

its a bed of fear,
a bed of threats,
regrets and sheets so cold.

all I knew
your eyes so velvet blue,

I`ve been in
Before, how about you?

There`s a time for the good in life...

Its time to place your bets in life,
I`ve played the losers game of life,
dream about the sun you queen of rain.

song`s link :

Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Manic Monday !

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

I don`t know your opinion on Mondays , but i`m definitely not a fan of them;)

It`s not clear why i don`t like them , but it has been so for ages ...

For that reason i decided to start a new project ;)
Here you may see 2 photos from the set.

Don`t be surprised if you see some colorful photos in this set;)
These ones symbolize my optimistic intentions ;))

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

Here`s a slideshow of the whole set ;)

To be continued ;)

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