Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NUK ....

Nuk flas se nuk di ;
Nuk eci , s'kam rruge ;
Kam rruge , nuk shoh ;
Shoh , nuk ka drite ;
Kur deshiroj , nuk dua ;
.....Keshtu eshte............

Autore N.N. (shoqja ime e ngushte)

Friday, November 24, 2006

antique shops

I love antique shops...I love the atmosphere that surrounds them..everything is so nostalgic and poetic in there.the colors , the odor , the corners , the objects ; everything just screams history !

Every object has it's own story , it's own experience in this world ...An antique shop is the best place to see all of this great objects of different epochs altogether...It's really great..You feel you are passing in a historic corridory !

There are people who hate this kind of places..They find them very dull , but I love them.Maybe I wouldn't prefer to have a house full of antique objects , but the idea of seeing them altogether thrills me..

Here there are 2 photos from an antique shop in Istanbul ,Turkey...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

fjali klishe ...

Poshte po shkruaj disa fjali klishe qe i urrej ne shqip:

1.Kur çdo gje te mbulohet nga pluhuri i harreses... (Ky pluhuri i harreses , me duket aq togfjalesh i dobet dhe medioker sa qe me perzihet sa here e lexoj)....
2.Dielli puthi kindat blu te fundit te qiellit...(boooo sa kot)
3.Toka qe mbushur plot me qilimin e kafte te gjetheve...(ça qilimi paskesh qene more:)

per momentin kaq me kujtohen ...mund te shtoni dhe ju...
do shtojme dhe te tjera:)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

cleaning up !

Recently I realised how much useless things I have collected everywhere in my house.There are papers, notes ,brochures , things I don't wear anymore ,and a lot of old useless stuff ! It stressed me just to think of it !So I decided to collect them and throw away!Yes I knew it would be a boring evocation , but I had to :( I have a bad habit of watching and controlling the old things...every one of it reminds me of something...strange isn't it?Even while throwing it , its memories stay with me...that's why it takes such a long time to throw them and to get rid of all of these stuff !

However , after 4 hours I had lighter & emptier shelves and wardrobe and lighter memories as well:)

Upon the request of Shqipo here's a photo of my cleaned up refrigerator mess:)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

don't touch my zebra !!!

All of us have some objects who are dear and special for us...some because are given from our beloved ones , some because give us a good energy and some because remind us of very special moments
I just love this mug for example.It is at the same time very elegant and artistic and very cozy too. It gives me warm feelings !
One needs such kind of things especially while makes some things easier:)

Friday, November 10, 2006

somethig funny....

Yesterday I had to go to the airport to wait for 2 turists and while I was waiting I saw something very funny.I saw a man handling a paper where the name and the surname of the turist were writen ...the name was ok , but God , what do yu think his surname was : CRAPTREE :)))
I couldn't believe my eyes...I started to laugh in an uncontroled way....
Then I approached to that person and asked him who he was waiting for...It came out he didn't speak english at all...(in fact I was sure about that :)cause nobody that speaks english wouldn't dare it...At that time his turist came should have been there to see his changed colors from yellow, red up to blue :) then he forced hisself to smile and immediately changed the surname on the letter as CRABTREE....
You see ; sometimes a letter changes a lot of things , even your prestige :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have my heart broken:(

My daddy has been a bit ill the last days...So he's laying all the time...The worst thing is that I'm away from him :( It makes me so sad thinking that I'm not near him now...I called him yesterday and I felt his voice didn't have the same energy it always has ... I could feel he was tired and not feeling his best...But what touched me was that , eventhough his situation , all of the time he kept on asking how I was doing and on persuading me that he was ok and I shouldn't worry...:( It broke my heart...The thing that I wasn't there to give him a hug , to squeeze him for a while made me feel so bad...I had to force myself to smile and then I hanged up the phone...Daddy I love you so much :(

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pandora's Box

Build for yurself a strong box ,
fashion each part with care,
when it's strong as your hands can make it ,
put all your troubles in there ,
hide there all thoughts of your failures
and each bitter cup that you quaff,
lock all your headaches within it;
Then sit on the lid and laugh.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stormy Rainy November...

This November started stormy and rainy ...It's 3 days we're having a lot of rain.Yesterday I just saw at the news that for every metre square of Istanbul has rained 35 kg of rain !!Man this is crazy !!OK I said once that I missed autumn , but I didn't miss the rain :) It's so boring to wake up each day under so much rain.I hate the feeling of being wet all over.There are people that love walking under the rain ,but me : NOOOOO...

I just love to watch the rain from inside...However the atmosphere is beautiful , there are great leaves and colors everywhere and the air is great...

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