Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Simple,genuine &sincere


I got this lovely images from a village near Pogradec ; a city located at the east of Albania.We visited it last week with my albanian flickr friends.The part seen at the upper photo was very close to the hotel and I got the chance to catch this fabulous view at the afternoon when the sunlight caressed so softly the surroundings and where the sky,mountain and lake seemed to mix with each other so magically.
Of course not to mention the fresh air , that would intoxicate anyone directly..

Then I met this fine old lady at the field .She was grazing her cow and drawed close to us, smiling in such an amicable and warm way ,that I think would have melted every grain of ice in this world.
She approached to us inquisitively , looking timidly and asking us , where we came from and what were we doing.We told her about our group and why we were there.She seemed amused from us and generously & indefatigably posed for us.

You should have seen her guys.She was so very sweet and all the time she plaudited us and wished us the best.You should have seen her smiling eyes and her brilliant smile, exclaiming eventhough it was disguised under the black veil.It meant so much to me.I experienced unique moments of serenity and relief.And yes, I felt so happy too!

wild wild west?

I thought , I should repeat this as much as I can.Even if I can't always face such special people , I promised myself to rip myself off from everything tending to be counterfeit & tawdry.This would be the best pill against everything that annoys me.


Anonymous said...

Pershkrimi i fshatares me preku jashte mase dhe me beri te meditoj per natyren e paster dhe te paprishur te atij qe ben nje jete te thjeshte dhe eshte vazhdimisht ne kontakt me natyren.
Faleminderit Eni.

belle_fleur said...

Girl, I am so glad that you had this wonderful experience with the albanian team but most of all with this sweet old woman!

These memories will accompany you during the hard days that life will throw at your court, but with a simple glimpse into these pictures/memories, it will give you the strength and the peace of mind to continue the journey of life.


Majla said...

These memories make us feel life....
I'm glad u 've had such relaxing & productive holidays, dear.

Anonymous said...

shume e bukur ajo fotoja e pare.

Anonymous said...

Te lumshin duart Eni. Fotot jane te mira. Ia paske kaluar mire ne Shqiperi.
Pershendetje ng anje mik.

eni said...

mumisbest: shume e vertete .flm!

belle: flm e dashur!

majla: thanx hon!

ervivi: flm !

obvious: flm mik;)

Krasta Krau said...

Ene ketej ti :P
Shume bukur e ke pershkrujty ate gruan...

eni said...

Ladi apo Krasta: rrofsh mik.po pres shkrimin tend tani.

Anonymous said...

eni fotoja e pare eshte vertet sh e bukur dhe e dyta sh ekspresive.
Presim te tjera.

eni said...

Tena: flm:)

Minerva said...

Vertete foto te bukura, qetesuese :)

eni said...

mirese bujte ketu Minerva! flm!

Anonymous said...

It's the people, it's the people who make the difference.

Shqiperia ka akoma mjaft njerez te mire qe mund te ndikojne pozitivisht.

eni said...

albanian blogger: mese e vertete!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,,, Pogradec,

There is no othe place like it. It is one of the most versatile Albanian towns you would ever wanna visit. In the summer you enjoy the deep blue beauty of Ohrid Lake and its distinguished rare fish and equally in the winter you enjoy the whiteness of the snow. A destination for me to visit every year and not to miss out Voloreke, a tourist destination close to my heart.

What's not to like about this town.

eni said...

shpirtshqipe: i do sympathize with you.i'm sad we missed voloreke this time, but i'm sure i'll do it in the future:)best

L.S. Alves said...

You make greats photos in your journey, but the most important is the peace you conquest when you do the things you really love do.
Hugs from Brasil.
When you have money come visit us. Yours lens will work a lot.

eni said...

l.s.alves: thanks pal.oh yeah when i have as much money and visa i'll visit it for sure:)

Selfmaderadio said...

I was there too, smtimes ago. It is beautifull and genuine.

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