Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tips for geting you out of boredom...

We've just passed the winter period.In fact we didn't have winter at all this year , but anyway for me it's winter all of the time the days are short.
So I felt really released and happier on 25th of March , the day the clock was changed.
In fact this has its own risks , you may disperse thinking all the time that you've got plenty of time since the days are longer!
Anyway , what I like more of this part of the year is that , is the time that makes me do some life refreshments and changes.
Now , don't think of any big issue, just some changes:)
I realised recently my life has been a bit dull and boring, I have been boring myself.Is it because of the season that we change and become like mushrooms?Yeah mushrooms , such dormant and inactive just like them..
But the new coming spring atmosphere has ignited my socialized and creative part and I'm irradiating it everywhere:)
I've got plenty of it so I'd like to share:)

1.Get some pure fresh air.Have some long walks. (p.s: I didn't do this for a long time eventhough I have a park 5' away from my house.Shame on me , I know , but for a long time , I wasn't feeling like doing anything).
2.Have a traditional picnic , if possible in the forrest(not brunch, brunch is better in cold weather).And if you want to enjoy it really , prepare everything at home (crepes, veggies,fruits, will make your picnic look more nostalgic and smell really like"family").Don't you all miss the picnics we had with our families?All what I think while remembering those sweet memories is Pink Floyd's song "high hopes" (the grass was greener....etc)..
3.Changhe or refresh your wardrobe.Get some fresh , casual , trendy clothes , for they will make you feel much better and will also force you to lose those extra pounds or extra belly layers:) I did it and I felt great..It was a long time I wanted to do a change , but each time I postponed it.I admit I'm very annoyable at shopping, not because I don't like it , but because I get bored to search a lot 'bout what I'd like to buy.I hate to be for a long time in a typical-girlish- garment- bickering- mess.So almost each time I buy the dress that I love at first sight.When I see it I must think "this must be mine"..I was lucky this time , I found some cutties (look at the green dress in the photo).
4.Start a new course.Now's the best time to do this , as you've got the top energy and the freshest brain.You could meet some cool people too.I find the courses really amusing.
5.Some mental and physichal detox would be great:)
Have a great spring time guys!


bizele said...

plot ide je eni...
edhe pse pashe vetem nje detaj te vogel te atij fustanit, po me pelqenka shume-uroj te gjej ndonje gje te ngjashme ketej nga ana ime.

eni said...

bizele: flm:)
glad you liked the dress...

Majla said...

Shoqe, fustani duket style fare!kto kohe po mendoj te nis naj kurs tip kercim latin. si tduket shoqe?klas ee!

Majla said...

harova! ngjyrat e fotos po me kujtojn fredi kruger :)me pelqen jeshilja ushtarit pran tkuqes.

eni said...

rrofsh Majli:)
mm kercim latin..du dhe un:)

Majla said...

Miremengjes Eni!

eni said...

miremengjes lal!

redBonsai said...

miremengjesi dhe una...

eni said...

miredita redo:)

ELAIS said...

Mirembrema Eni!

Loved your ideas. Let's banish boredom:)))

eni said...

miremengjes e dashur Elais...falemderit..kemi te reja nga laneti:)? si u be?shpresoj te jete rregulluar...

belle_fleur said...

rrofsh per idete...ideja e piknikut dhe e kursit vertet shume ide e mire, kuptohet shopping for me is always fun and i wouldn't mind it:))

happy weekend!

eni said...

to you too sweet belle:)

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