Monday, April 23, 2007

It's a wonderful life :))

I had another dreamy day yesterday with my photographer friends.It was a long time we hadn't meet (2 months) and I was bored to death:) Luckily we met yesterday.
Our yesterday's safari visit places were some of the best places of Istanbul seaside.(Emirgan, Istinye,Yenikoy respectively, you can search them from google).
What I love most of this group of photographers is that everybody in here is so cool , easygoing,warm hearted,fun lover,good eater , good drinker , cool humble and the last but not the list great photographers with a great eye, each one with his/her own different ideas.

I have more fun taking photos when I'm with this guys, they just make my day:)
Ok , ok let me tell you, how the day passed.
First we had breakfast at a very well know old cafe et Emirgan (Cınaraltı Kafe).Right after it we just walked to the very well know Emirgan Grove.I had just been there one time , 8 years ago and I remember we had visited it with friends from university at a very late hour (24.00 or s.t like that) and I was enchaunted by its beauty.I just don't understand why it took so long to revisit it:)
Anyway, the grove was spectacular , maybe because of the wonderful tulips laying everywhere just like a carpet (and other lovely flowers as well) ...everybody was bursting energy and happines,maybe because of the beauty that surrounded us.There were some beautiful villa- cafes there , but we refused to sit and have a tea/coffe there just like some brainless aristocrats:) ( you see we are rebels as well:)
After some sweet errands in the grove we kept walking up to Istinye another Istanbul district, well known with its beautiful boats,yachts and seascape.We had some cool yachts and boats shots, but right at that moment we heard our poor stomachs screaming like crazy..We had a short stroll and controlled for the best place and found a very cool boat , and would have enjoyed a great lunch upstairs if it wasn't for that dumb of waiter who got on our nerves saying that we should eat apart from each other , by not joining the tables as it would disrupt the balance of the boat.To hell with all of you , we said and left from there..
We just leaped to a restaurant beside and luckily had a great lunch there.
Right after it , we kept walking up our last station : Yenikoy another well known , old Istanbul district and had some nice shots there.We even met a lady with a smaaaaall black dog and we asked her : wow, how sweet , how old is he?
And she said to us : well don't missapprehend his stature , he's had 4 ladies and a lot of puppies:)
Well , he was kinda small for a stallion :))
We finally had our last tea( turkish tea is the symbol of our group , everybody loves it here) and coffe in a small cozy coffe close to the Marmara Sea and so our day was over !
I had a splendid time again and I'm looking forward to our next safari (next week on 29th of April:))
I'm posting some pictures from yesterday.have fun..

Permbledhje shqip:dje dola me miqte e mij fotografe dhe shetitem ne disa lagje mjaft te njohura , buze detit.Ja dhe disa foto...


belle_fleur said...

c'kenaqesi te kalosh fundjaven mes miqsh fotografe duke shetitur nga njeri vend ne tjetrin dhe duke fotografuar gjera nga me te ndryshmet. Moments like these are the best in someone's life.

eni said...


edrus said...

Tani qe te pashe tek fotografia e fundit e mora vesh se ku i kishe fotografuar tulipanet ;)

eni said...

Edrus e di me te forten , ai qeni i zi qe duket sa nje pellembe dore, kishte pasur 4 gra:) dhe disa kelyshe:)thashe te ta them se nuk ishte te pjesa shqip kjo:)

Majla said...

I paske luajtur fene fundjaves!
Sa qejf!Du dhe une!:)

eni said...

hajde pra :)

ELAIS said...

Fundjava duket ultra!


Sa mire.

eni said...


shqipo said...

beni qef ju rinia beni...

eni said...

he mo dhe ti si ben sikur nuk del per safari andej nga anet e tua:)

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