Monday, April 09, 2007

Back again with tulips:)

Yeah,yeah ,yeah we've got our tulips back!
As I've told yoıu on my previous posts, the Istanbul municipality organised this last year.I was looking forward to see this again , as I was astonished last year.
2 days ago , I was going to Taksim (on of the biggest entertainment places of Istanbul) and I was so happy to discover an eveniment regarding the above subject.

The Istanbul Municipality , has opened a galery with tulips photos and some cool fake wood fancy painted tulips and a lot of true tulips as well.A scene for musicians , dia galery and some stands selling diverse products are available as well.I got this chance to get some photos.
As I heard, these year we'll be so lucky to live in a city with 8 milion 296 thousand tulips!!!
Isn't this a miracle???
I love Istanbul:) (do I have to repeat it?:)


Majla said...

obobo prap me Stamboli=tulip! te bukur jane po bashkia e tepron! mgjthat mka marr malli dhe per kte, qe talleshim me multi-tulipanizmin!

eni said...


belle_fleur said...

Happy Tulip's Day:))

shqipo said...

pse po e tepron? qe po harxhon paret e robve me kto lulet e? po dicka do e bejne qytetet per t'u zbukuruar.

mu s'me duket ide e keqe.

eni said...

shqipo:jo dhe mua s'me duket ide e keqe , Majla e ka hallin te disa teprime qe ben bashkia ne pergjithesi per te treguar se punon:)
e mgjth me shume e me mire se bashkia jone punon nje here:)

belle: flm:)

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