Thursday, April 12, 2007


According to the drivers of the local urban service , in a city in U.K , this cat uses to get to the bus , and gets off just one station after.The drivers have always thought this cat was accompanied by her boss , but it wasn't.
The reason it used the bus???Simple...To get to the fish market:))
The interesting this is that she was called "Macavity" like in the T.S.Eliot's poem "Strange cat".
Yes , it's a strange cat , but a clever one too , much clever than many people I may say:))

Permbledhje shqip: kjo macja e çmendur , perdite i hip urbanit dhe zbret nje stacion me tutje per te shkuar tek pazari i peshkut:)
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Majla said...

Mace e çmendur!

Nje pinguin ne Sidney merte çanten ne shpine e shkonte bente pazarin e te zotit. Ngaqe kish vape i shkreti, shkonte me qejf e futej te dhoma frigorifer qe ishte dyqani ipeshkut ;)

eni said...

ha ,ha paska dhe me keq:)

cluephone said...

mace me instikte te zhvilluara.
ah se e lashe pa thene: ne movie SMOKIN' ACES:
a bizzare character: the karate kid. one of the most complex products of a teenager, abused badly from his parents. and so funny in the meantime.check it out!
so seem you are up for the trade. good as I was passing through istambul 1,5 years ago, and spend a night out with strangers when instead could have bumped into albanians:)
so whats your email?
and your online chatting ID (any chatting engine that you use).

cluephone said...

and please. make this line disappear from my screen:
Comment moderation has been enabled.

eni said...

Hi cluephone: you can find my email in my profile.and bout the comments moderation , I have to moderate them first, for I don't like to let any disgusting comment be seen by others , before me.

tetena said...

Eni, sikur e pashe kete lajmin edhe ne nje blog tjeter shqiptar ?!

cluephone said...

saint peter himself, that never left the doors alone.
but of course, everything weird and disgusting should be :
ok thats fine , I will try to live with it.

eni said...

ha ha saint peter:) that's funny:))

eni said...

vertet, ku qe?

ELAIS said...

Mace e squt kjo Macavity

eni said...

elais: he pra mo he:)

belle_fleur said...

hajde mace hajde:))

redBonsai said...

Mace praaaaaaaaaa shokëni, nuk ka kafshe më interesante... nuk flas kot unë që dua mace po kush më dëgjon
Ai te dyqani i mikro-kafshëve sa vete dhe i ngre cmimet. Kushton nje kotele sa një WGolf 4.
Dua maç!

eni said...

belle: e çmendur fare thuaj

redbonsai: ah mos me flit per macet se jam e çmendur.futu tek faqja ime e flickr tek seti im :animals se ke foto te maceve tona.vjet kisha mace ne shpi , plus dhe macen e Majles e kisha afer.Macen e shpise nuk e kemi me ,kushedi se nga bredh horri tani,ndersa macen e Majles e di dhe ti ku eshte.Po per macen time me ka marre malli qamet.Apo s'qe , bukur dhe i zgjuar dreqi.futu dhe tek muaji gusht dhe qershor te blogu im se do shofesh foto te kesaj maces time:)me thuaj pastaj a nuk eshte per tu ngrene?

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