Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to be fashionable in Istanbul

Istanbul is an enormous city with more than 18 milion habitants.For that reason it's more than logic , that there is a mosaic of different trends.
It's very amusing and funny as you can predict what kind of life and hobbies do people have , judging them from their dresses:)
E.g , the teenagers love to wear short trousers and short jackets.Minimalist and modern girlies , prefer skinny jeans a lot.
The punks like to act like freaks.I have to say s.t here: the true punks with style have really "gusto" and I like their look.But the ones who pretend being punks , just suck .Their looks are so comic and ordinary and their dresses , not creative at all.I mean you can't pretend to reflect the punk image when you even don't perceive the vision of that concept.
I mostly love the ones that dwell in retros and vintage as their dresses are really stellar.They're mostly well educated girls/boys, with high incomes and a good carriers , mostly doing arts.
Of course like with the fake punkists ,there's their fake wanna-be version , that would stir up your stomachs ...
Anyway if you wanna own a true original wardrobe and of course if you are a style owner:) there're plenty possibilities for you.Especially these last years a lot of private boutiques with cool , special designs have been opened.You can find retro, vintage garment boutiques and the best part is that they mostly produce unique dresses.That saves you from the nightmare of facing hundreds of people wearing the same dress , you've bought and you're dying for:)
Also there are a lot of warehouses where you can find really trendy things with reasonable prices.
Here there are some sites addresses for your reference: (has really some cool products, look at the first photo pls)
2. (most of the boutiques in here) (different sites found in this directory)
and so on... Hope you'll enjoy it!


belle_fleur said...

I would like to have the site of the dressed that you posted on Flickr. They are gorgeous and fantastic lady like dresses:))

eni said...

e dashur ato fustanet qe postova tel flickr i ka bere per 50 vjet me rradhe firma e modes italiane "Annamoda", posaƧerisht per filmat.mund te gjesh te tilla besoj vetem neper butiqe qe shesin gjera te flas nje dite per kete firmen e modes..

belle_fleur said...

Prandaj me pelqejne mu se jane aq te vjeter dhe aq klasike:))....llafosna nje dite se gjera te tilla i mirepresim:))

ELAIS said...

Foto dyte qe gallate.
Ca dyqani ishte ?

eni said...

belle:ok lal, sa here te kem raste lajmesh te tilla ty do te lajmeroj te paren se e di qe interesohesh:)

elais: :) eshte nje dyqan qe shet gjera punk,rock,alternative..

Majla said...

Avangardest esh klas fare, sidomos xhaketat e lekurave dhe kapelet te len pa mend!Dhe Ƨmimet i ka me te mira!

eni said...

rrofsh per feedback lal:)

shqipo said...

te lutem me porosit nje pale nga ato floket e gjate te kuqe

eni said...

:))ke ndermend me bo nai party m'duket:)

N.Ago said...

Interesante , e !

shqipo said...

jooo ca party, thjesht do e vej si paruke

eni said...


Anonymous said...

hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....krejt rock say da'linki

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