Friday, February 09, 2007

Terms of tenderness ..

I dislike teddy bears and all kinds of those pink presents.I find them really so artificial and stupid , they make me sick.I remember very well since I was a child I've never liked such kind of things (dolls are an exception of course).I remind I had only one monkey (instead of a cute teddy bear) and I loved it because it was so ugly , yet extremely charismatic and had a hooligan like face:)
However , this year happened something that melted even my icy and antipink heart:)
My mom and dad were by my side this summer.Each day I turned back from work with a great sense of humour and happiness , to see my mom and dad waiting for me home or at the park near my house.
When they left , I was still under their sweet affectionable caresses effect and the house seemed yet so bright because of them but alas , so bleak as well :(
I decided to read a book, just not to think about that , until I saw something at my library.My sweet mommy has put a silly looking teddy bear , as a decoration over my books!I started to laugh loudly and I should admit I felt sympathy for that teddy bear:)Just to think of what made my mom to decorate my library and thus make me feel better filled my heart with love.Her innocent affection made my day ! Funny , but sometimes you see some objects you don't like differently.This is possible if they bear your beloved ones tenderness !


tetena said...

hajde Eni gjej nje arush te madh qe te te mbaj ngrohte ne krahet e tij

eni said...

a ha ha ha:))Tena e madhe je:))

Candyland said...

Agree with Tena..:)

I would give anything to have my mom and dad come and visit me. I'd love to go home and see them there.
Sidomos te shkoj ne shpi dhe te kem darken alla shqiptarce gatii...mmmm...heaven.. :)

Alida said...

Lucky you for having a great summer with your parents. That's wonderful!

Enjoy the teddy bear even when he looks like a huligan:))

Sapere Aude said...

"Funny , but sometimes you see some objects you don't like differently"
- Kesaj me duket se i themi pjekuri ose maturi ;) :)

yoghi said...

me kerkoi njeri mua??

tetena said...

candyland kujdes me djeten se mali im ka te drejte te bej byrrek vetem per festa dhe petulla per kalamajte kur une nuk jam ketu, salcen e kosit na e hengri Eni tek Brisku po na vjen per te qare

Anonymous said...

it's because it's not just a teddy bear. it's a teddy bear that radiates the love of a mother. nice story btw.
Gr. Arbër

eni said...

candyland: mos na hap zorren tani:)
tena: me rafte pika mu.he se do bej salce kosi dhe do ta ve tek yummania,aty ka nje racion per te tere:)
sapere aude: nuk besoj se ka lidhje vetem me rritjen.ka te beje me teper sepse ka lidhje me diçka te rendesishme per ne.
yogi: he more zoti maturia si te kam:)
arber: flm.e hape blogun apo ende jo?me lajmero pasi ta hapesh.

Joni said...

hehehe sweet historia! Pershendetje

Lily said...

Embrace all that is cute and fluffy Eni!:P

I have a small collection of such cute little soft toys, and although they do take a bit of space which I could find other uses for, I can't bear to throw any away.Each has some sort of sentimental value.

shqipo said...

eni, po si i ke mbledh gjithe keta shqiptare ktu moj aman?

eni said...

Joni :flm:)
Lily: ke te drejte , sigurisht qe gjerat qe kane vlere sentimentale nuk hidhen, ruhen madje me fanatizem.
shqipo: po he pra he :)

edrus said...

Para ca vjetesh,duke bredhur ne nje merkatino(pazar),ne nje tezge me lojera te perdorura ,pashe nje gjirafe identike me nje qe kam patur kur kam qene i vogel... e bleva,dhe cupat e mbanin si "gjirafen e babit" :).
Kur vajtem ne Shqiperi,cupa e vogel duke pare ne bufe,me thote:pse e ke sjelle ketu gjirafen??
Me erdhi per te qare,megjithese kane nderruar shtepi disa here deri tani,gjirafa ime ka qene nen kujdesin e mamase (dhe te llogaritesh qe kam patur qindra lojera te tjera :)

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