Friday, February 16, 2007

Fshati digjet ....motra krihet..

Indifference... Isn't it all what we are complaining about?
Complaining to our friends whom we haven't heard for a long time , complaining to our collegues for not undertanding us , complaning to our family for non-important things, complainig to our beloved ones for being neglected..and the list goes on and on...

We are so busy complaing and blaming the others that we can't see , how indifferent persons we have become ourselves ..
We're becoming more individualist each passing day.Everybody is dragged into his own world , into his own problems and ambitions, we have not any time at all for nobody ,we avoid anything that would delay our priorities or even worse that would delay any non-important daily habit of ours.We are happy for our job promotion ,we feel great about how beautiful our flower garden is , we get excited for our brand new gown , we go crazy for our new hair style , we have time for plenty of our obssesions , we have time and patience to indulge before the refrigerator and for many other nonsenses , without whose , ok I accept our life wouldn't be that colorful or meaningful , but we go so seriously short of time and empathy when it comes for the others...
Ok I understand we're human beings with our flaws , we aren't perfect and it's the way we live that forces us to be like that.
But all this indifference , until when?Do we have to get our flower garden burned to be more concerned with everything:( ?
Do we really have to loose , to become more interested with what surrounds us?
We have to resolve this with ourselves first...


tetena said...

Une kam shume qejf te lexoj megjithese mbaj mend shume pak shprehje, veç kesaj qe me kujtohet qekur isha e vogel "ndergjegja eshte nje shkop me te cilin i biem vetes". Eni, mendoj qe ti je nje vajze e dashur dhe zemergjere. Ti harxhon kohe me njerzit qe te rrethojne. Sigurisht problemi qe ngre ti eshte i rendesishem por, mendoj, nuk duhet kaluar ne ekstrem. Duhet te jemi nje çik egoista per te vleresuar dashurine qe japim dhe nga ana tjeter mund te japesh dashuri dhe ndihme tek dikush qe e pranon dhe jo ne pergjithesi per te dhene.
Po e perfundoj me nje kalofsh fundjave me diell dhe me ngrohtesi.

Alida said...

Sic ka permendur dhe Tena, si qenie njerezore jemi shume egoiste dhe nuk vrasim mendjen per te tjeret qe nuk jane pjese e "shoqerise sone". Jemi me keq se femijet e vegjel kur thone, "une,imi, imja". Ndoshta, gjithe jeten jemi femije te vegjel dhe s'dime te rritemi kurre per te ndare jeten, lodrat, librat, gjithcka me te tjeret, por mendojme vetem per veten tone.

eni said...

E dashur Tena , se pari falamderit per konsideraten.Ne fakt shume gjera i shkruaj duke menduar veten time perpara apo me sakte anashkalimet apo shkeljet qe bej vete.Ndonjehere ndihem shume moskokeçaresendaj botes qe me rrethon , ndaj me dalin nga mendja keto shkrime.Por eshte shume i drejte fakti se duhet te jemi çikez egoista per dashurine qe japim.Edhe une nuk nenkuptoja ekstremin sigurisht..Edhe une jam me idene se empatie duhet , por me karar ama...Nje fundjave te kedshme dhe ty , po ashtu dhe ty e dashur Belle...

N.Ago said...

Ndryshe i themi ne po, megjithatë, edhe ky versioni, i pranueshëm është!

eni said...

N.Ago: :)))

ELAIS said...

I guess we complain most about not having time to spend with people even if that is caused by the fact that we ourselves don't give time to people.
We are so up in ourselves that most of the things adjacent to us become background of no interest.
I guess we don't have to lose it for us to value what we have. We need to detach ourselves a tiny bit and reevaluate what we lack instead.

shqipo said...

eh... evoluim i shoqerise? nga fisi, shkuam te familja tani te individi.

shi shi ca thote tetena: "Ti harxhon kohe me njerzit qe te rrethojne." vini re qe fjala kyc eshte te "harxhon" :)

shqipo said...

se harrova: nuk e di pse ket fjalen "motra" e shoqeroj ose me vlonjatet ose me gay. me kujtohet nje barcalete me vlonjatet qe mbaron keshtu: "motra, kishe gje me detin ti moj?"

eni said...

shqipo:)))edhe une pak a shume si ti mendova kur e se mendova vlonjatet por diçka perbuzese dmth kur e perdora:)

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