Monday, July 09, 2007

Open air theatre

Remember once I told you, I had a park very close my house? But I don't know either why I don't go there often.Maybe it's because I don't have time or I'm not well organised.Anyway...
3 days ago , after feeling devastated from a tiring work day , I decided to have a stroll in the park.Yay!I did the best thing! Hanged I saw an open air theatre's posters: It was Sophocle's "Antigone" .This one ,would be organised in the park on Sunday , 21.00 hour by the drama students of Yeditepe University.
Some notes on Antigone : Antigone is the best-known daughter of Oedipus and Jocastra. However, due to the incestuous nature of their relationship, Antigone is also Oedipus's half-sister and Jocasta's granddaughter.According to the history the city of King Laos (the first husband of Jocastra) was cursed by the temple gods and Jocastra's son would kill his father and marry his mother.Terrifyed by this idea, the king and queen give away their son to be killed and one peasant hangs the baby from his foot.But , the baby is saved by other peasants who give this baby to another king who calls him Oedipus (that means swelling foot in Greek) because of his swelling foot.But when Oedipus growns up , he learns the truth and goes to find his family.On a trip he quarrels with 2 people and kills one of them.When he reaches his family's city , he founds a mourning city because of the killed king.There's also another tragedy in the city ; the Sphynx that kills everybody who's not giving the right answer to his 2 questions.Oedipus comes out as a winner, so Sphynx forgives the city and commits suicide by jumping from a rock.As the city's rescuer , Oedipus is announced as the new king and marries Jocastra (his own mother ) from where they have 4 children (one of them is Antigone).When they learn about the truth , Jocastra commits suicide and Oedipus sticks needles to his eyes.Antigone's sad story (her life and tragic death) is used by many tragic Greek poets.
For more infos have a look here :
The theatre was cool.It so special to watch it in nature..The play's music was great too , performed by some rhythm musicians.
Here you may find 2 photos from this event...

Shqip: Teatri "Antigona" i luajtur ne parkun afer shtepise time.Qe nje eksperience e veçante te shihje teater ne natyre.


ET said...

çalışma,çalışma gün ve karanlık... :)

eni said...

anlamadım ne demek istedin e.t?

Majla said...

Bukur bukur, qeke knaq shoqe:)

eni said...

yes vish ti kte jave apo te te vij te te marr me shqelma:))

ET said...

Sizler hatırlayamamak N.Frasheri,Eni?:)

Majla said...

Ah sa pune qe kam moj shoqe!du shum tvij ...

belle_fleur said...

That's pretty cool! It seems that you had a relaxing time and fun!

Happy Monday:)

eni said...

e.t: türkçeyi iyi öğren sonra konuşalım dostum:))

majla: hajde pra mo:))

belle: yoo too dear!

ET said...

hakikaten arnavut mütercim,hakikaten:)))

eni said...

e.t: ha şöyle:)

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