Thursday, July 05, 2007

A life ceased too soon:(

This is a tribute for the rock turkish singer Barıs Akarsu (29.06.1979-04.07.2007)

It made me so sad to hear that he passed away yesterday at Bodrum Private Hospital at 11.00 p.m.He had been found very hard injured on 29th of June [his birthday:( ] in a devastated car altogether with his two female friends (the driver was one of the girls , which was his old girlfriend as well).They were going to celebrate Baris's birthday! :(
Their car , crashed to a big trunk and was drifted 30 m.As it was told from the media groups , the driver wasn't found guilty , the problem was the junction they were passing where there wasn't any light.Many people are told to have passed away in that cursed junction.Ironically , nobody has done anything to arrange something!Do they have to wait thousands of other people to die??
What is sad is that he scrambled to live these last 6 days,while the girls passed away immediately.After the second day the doctors told their hopes on recovery of Baris were lessen , but his being young could change everything! I have very strong intuitions and I was sure he'd manage, but alas he didn't!
Baris became very famous after wining the "Academy Turkey" programe a star creating programe held in Turkey like the wellknown star creating programs in all the world (Pop idol,popstar) etc..Many programs like that are being held in Turkey.
Most of the participants used to create any random scandal to get some more ratings and therefore their fame.For most of them , any disgrace was acceptable as long as they were famous.
That is the big difference between them and Barıs.He was such a modest ,easygoing , cheerful person , with not a granule of star complex and had an undiscreibable energy.He was a true gentleman.You could see him talking,having fun ,taking photos,spending time with his fans! You couldfeel his enthusiasim in his eyes all of the time.So much passion and love for music and life!:(
I wasn't a fan of him and in fact I didn't know all of his works , but it broke my heart to see this positive energy bomb , this very special hardly found amicable guy to pass away so meaninglessly:(
May you rest in peace Barış !
You won't be forgotten!

thanks to my friend Tuba for her great may have a look at her photos here:
for more infos on Baris :


akull-naja said...

...pass away so meaninglessly... te vjen te ulerish...


eni said...

ishte rob Zoti me verte.dje po shifja nje reportazh qe kishte dhene ne nje kanal muzikor.ta shifje thoje ti ky nuk e njef asnje njeri.menyra si e shprehte gezimin dhe falenderimin dhe per nje levdate apo admirim ishte e pabesueshme.kishte nje lloj pafajesie dhe pastertie, ndaj me erdhi aq keq.per me teper se qe i ri shume , ishte zotni me ka bere shume pershtypje:(

Majla said...

Vertet e pabesueshme.Para se te behej i njohur kendonte ne nje bar ne Taxim dhe rastisja shpesh ta shihja.
Akoma se kuptoj faktin qe nje person qe e ke pare me pare sdo mund ta shohesh me kurre....

eni said...

vertet s'e dija..te cili bar?

belle_fleur said...

May he rest in peace!

eni said...

Amin!!! sot u varros:(

N.Ago said...


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