Monday, May 14, 2007

Give her a reason to be a woman...


1-By letting her feel like she was one.
2-By not making her feel ashamed of her feminity.
3-By not beating her.
4-By helping her during motherhood process.

5-By getting the keys of entrance to her soul.
6-By listening carefully to her.
7-By not seeing her just as an object of lust.
8-By helping her expose her identity without diffidence.
9-By trying to perceive her.
10-By loving her

Hell , where is that perfect man , who could deal with the above list successfully:)?


Majla said...

The perfect man is that one who fulfils all the points. I don't wanna be loved by one who doesn't listen to my words:(

eni said...

yep that is true:(

cluephone said...

like the first one.
1-By letting her feel like she was one.
I know you meant:
1-By letting her feel like she was THE one.
but the way you have written sounds like ... yeah one of them, until he found THE ONE.
dreamers ... weak up. I wanted to find that perfect creature too, not giving a damn if she was a boy or a girl :).
but since maybe too difficult to find, I will stick with those nasty girls and .... give them hell :)
at the very end everything is a trade-off.

lisi said...

pas mendje time mjafton te permbushi piken e fundit "by loving her", te tjerat vijne natyrshem.

eni said...

cluephone: nice commented by your side..BUT I meant just what I wrote.I mean a man should act with a woman in a way that can let her feel like she was one..Some man just don't get this point..And what you said just goes to smarter creatures:) I was talking for normal human beings:)

eni said...

lisi:vetem dashuria nuk zgjidh perhere çdogje fatkeqsisht:(

belle_fleur said...

I agree with all of the points you have mentioned here. If true love exists than the man will listen to his partner and vise versa. This is one of the bigest problems that take place in a relationship because the woman's ideas or thoughts are not taken into consideration, and that's not right.

eni said...

belle: sad but true:(

eni said...

miq me falni se i fshiva padashje komentet tuaja:( sdq i lexova ato dhe ju falenderoj per komentet e kendshme:)

shqipo: e ngurte tu duk ty?
blete: ke te drejte sa i perket menyres se vjen mire qe te paska pelqyer.
elais: dhe une mendoj si ti se nuk jane vetem burrat ata qe duhet te jene perfekte sigurisht qe dhe grate kane anen e tyre te perpjekjes per lidhjen.
selfi: me vjen mire qe e paske gjetur çka deshiron:)

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