Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Ikea experience :()

If you're clumsy in technical matters you shouln't pretend a lot from the product offered in the market.This weekend I visited Ikea.It's a long time I wanted to do this , but always postponed it ,as it's far away (on the asiatic part of Istanbul).
However , finally last sunday I realised this:)I like it a lot..I like their style.It reminds you of those good old days.The style just reminds you of the past , maybe because of their furniture patterns.All what it comes voluntarily to your brain while watching them is a sunny , cozy ,warm house.They are minimal , but very traditional too,that's what makes them so different.And they're multifunctional as well.
Their only disadvantage is their home-fixation.In fact that's not a big problem for many people , but not for me , a technic disaster:)Ok maybe I exaggerated a bit , I can do it if I try but ,however I don't feel like.For that reason I had to satisfy myself with just some non technical :)lol products ( some cactuses,metalic small vases , t-light candles and a pillow)...
These were the best things offered to technic haters:)


tetena said...

Ikea eshte gjithandej. Une e kam ma afer po te djelave ka gjithlone shume njerez dhe nuk jam shume pas mobilimit te shtepise. Nderkohe per te montuar nje mobilje, une kam qejf, sido qe te vije puna gjithmone ngaterrohesh dhe shpenzon nje dite te tere.

eni said...

vertet qe ka shume njerez te dielave..

unlikelymoose said...

IKEA is great. We have two of them in the Chicago area. I'm always amazed at the wide range of languages that are spoken by customers in IKEA. It's fun to count the number of different languages I hear while there.

eni said...

yeah:) I noticed these here in Istanbul too.I also like that they put the swedish name over their products..it's very cute of them..

edrus said...

Nqs shkoj ndonjehere per te bere ndonje xhiro,shkojme thjesht sepse cupat e mija duan te nderrojne meny(jo gjithmone McDonald's)dhe sepse pelqejne ato embelsirat swedeze :),persa i perket artikujve....shumicen e tyre i gjen ne merkatino,ndersa per dicka me 'serioze'ka qendra komerciale akoma me 'serioze'se Ikea.

shqipo said...

ca koincidence! se edhe une isha te IKEA te djelen (por jo per here te pare)! I love that store!

bizele said...

Here in Florida, they have decided to deprive us of any Ikea goodies. I think the closest store is somewhere in Atlanta...:(

eni said...

e ne fakt EDRUS edhe une isha gati te bleja nje reçel me thana suedeze po pertova pastaj.lke te drejte kur thua se ka markete shume me serioze dhe luksoze.eshte e vertete.Ikea eshte diçka me minimaliste dhe e thjeshte.
Shqipo: po ti ça morre kete here?
Bizele: ou qeka vertet larg...

e.T said...

Per tre kanoçe,pese qirinj e pese dhoga ke shkuar tek IKEEJA ? :)

eni said...

:)jo se kam marre dhe jastek:)

shqipo said...

edhe ne e kishim keq se me te aferten e kishim ne Chicago. po shyqyr qe na degjuan edhe e hapen nje ktu ket vit.

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