Monday, June 04, 2007

Who's reading me???

It's more than one year I'm blogging and thanks to it I've found a lot of great friends.I just had a look at my blog's clustermap and I realized I have visitors from many different areas of the world, even Africa , Iceland (which I guess are my flickr friends:) , Australia etc etc.
I'd like you guys to leave me a comment , cause I'm really curious about you..Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment and also advise ideas or suggestions you might want me to add here.
This blog is both in english and albanian , but I'll try to find the time and put the english translation in all my posts..
Thank you for your interest and please write back to me...


tetena said...

Eni, tjetri nga Europa thote ketu.

eni said...

:) Tena

our man said...

Hi Eni. Not very exotic but this Irish/British expat is reading you here in Tirana.

klodiana said...

klodi - from new york. me likey eni very much.

eni said...

our man: thanks a lot..I do like your blog as well..

klodiana: thanks girl!

traveller one said...

And this Canadian living in Tirana reads everything you write... I even try to read the Albanian posts!

ELAIS said...

Vizitat nga rrethi polar jane te miat ;)

Candyland said...

pershendetje nga DC-ja e politikes dhe seriozitetit! mos nuk e dije..:P

blerta said...

blete is here, jersey - New York take your pick.
keep up the good work,

eni said...

traveller one: Thanks so much Kim..I do enjoy your blog as well.I'll try to put the translation of english for my albanian posts too.How is your albanian by the way?
Our man: and what 'bout your albanian?
elais: e shof moj e shof..shife foton , topin me te madh (pra nr. me te dendur te vizitave:) nga poli i veriut e kam:)
candyland: e dija por esh bukur kur ta thone:)
blerta: thanks dear..glad you like it..
Dear Friends from other countries please find 4 minutes to drop a line here..I'd like to know about you!Suggestions are appreciated too...

Anonymous said...

Hi Eni,
from Antwerp, Belgium...used to visit you every day, now it's once a week/2weeks, not because you're no good, on the contrary, I like your writings and views a lot, it's just that I don't find the time anymore for the blogs...keep on going and good luck,

Amour Monde said...

nje vizit nga Brukseli ta bej dhe une :)

eni said...

flm shume Arber dhe Amour Monde:)

Selfmaderadio said...

Greetings from little-big city Zürich, SR

eni said...

halo Selfi:)

strangeMAN said...

Nga Shqypnia, greetings. Regular reader. :)))

eni said...

rrofsh Strangeman!

akull-naja said...

Zvicerland :)

eni said...


Emigrant said...

Eni, Cimi nga Atlanta here!
Keep it up!

eni said...

thanks Çimi;)

tetena said...

eEni, i pergjigjem apelit tend me 'ketu' mgjth ketu eshte nje çik si nga Parisi.

shqipo said...

i'm not reading you :p

eni said...

tena: sa goce e mire je:)
shqipo: me verte??:))

belle_fleur said...

Pak me vonese, por une te lexoj me kenaqesi nga New York-u.

great blog!

eni said...

belle: rrofsh dear..reciproke..

ITS said...

Rrespekte nga Montreali, me vonese ;-)

eni said...

its: miresenaerdhe:) flm

L.S. Alves said...

I am passing here and give a look. I find you in the blog of Jonice.
Sorry but my english is very weak.

eni said...

thanks for the visit l.s.alves:)

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