Friday, June 15, 2007

Commercial paradoxes

Yesterday , while watching tv , I stumbled upon a very interesting paradoxal situation.First was the commercial of the launching new tv program.It was a commercial about a great hotel , with wonderful exotic places,spa saloons etc etc.
You know how this kind of commercials are..Bright colors,beautiful scenery,music with a great calming effect ,you get entirely eased off.And of course , you immagine that the nature of the program is gonna be something alike.
Such as : programs about healthy life , programs about last trends in interiors or fashion, artistic programs or maybe some different kind of talk show.
But none of this happened to be.The "brilliant" managing people of that program had choosen such a commercial with calming effects for a Kick Box & Wrestling Programe:
It was so strange to see , such violent , brutal scenes right after that relaxing coomercial.I mean did nobody noticed the huge difference of impressions between both those 2 images?Did anybody feel disturbed while watching this drastically different images so meaninglessly accompained with each other?
I think no..There's a very special bond who gathers them: MONEY and RATING
Everything can be accepted under this situations! :)

Permbledhje shqip: Me beri pershtypje reklama e nje programi qe pashe para disa fillim jepet reklama e nje hoteli me vende ekzotike,sallone spa-je dhe shume elemente te tjera qetesuese dhe menjehere pas saj jep reklamen e programit te sponsorizuar nga hoteli .Program Kick Box dhe Wresting!Me beri pershtypje diferenca drastike midis reklames dhe programit ..Nuk kishin kuptim fare se bashku.Nuk e kuptj me sa pare mend i vejne gjera te tilla krejtesisht te kunderta.Ç'ti besh kane nje te perbashket shume te rendesishme : Parane dhe rejtingun!Çdo gje pranohet per keto dy te fundit:)


Amour Monde said...

nothing is strange anymore.

wishing already a nice weekend

im working from 2day 2 next friday,so after such a long time unemployed I feel like ,I need a weekend ;)

tetena said...

rejting nuk eshte fitimi ne shqip ?

dhe ç'beje ti mi goce duke pare kick boxing ?! (ha ha).

eni said...

amour monde: ke te drejte,vertet çdo gje eshte e pranueshme tashme mjafton te shitet..ja kalofsh mire e bukur ne pushime!

tetena:nuk eshte fitim eshte vleresim.
nuk po shifja kick box (Prite Zot do thoja po te isha shkodrane :)vetem reklamen i pashe..

ELAIS said...

EJ! Mos e shani kick-boxin dhe ju!

Sa per ate qe reklama dhe objekti i reklamaur nuk kane asnje lidhje, tani eshte bere mode per fat te keq. Madje shume reklama perpiqen te "irritojne" njerezit duke kombinuar gjera antipatike me idene nese te krijojne nje reaksion dmth kane qene te suksesshem sepse ti do ta kujtosh produktin e tyre.

Keshtu pra Eni, ngushellohu me faktin qe te pakten reklama qe pe edhe pse pa lidhje me produktin ishte e kendshme.

akull-naja said...

Eni, une per vete s'shoh sport tjeter veçse kur loz Federer kunder Nadal, dhe Shqiperia kunder Zvicres, po kam vene re qe njerezit "moderne dhe te stresuar" i ndjekin me qejf sportet e dhunshme... si duket prandaj dhe reklama e nje vendi per "relax"...:)

Week-end t'vizllushem!

eni said...

elais: po ke te drejte ketu ne Turqi ka nje shprehje :s'ka reklame te mire apo te keqe ..Reklama ,reklame eshte:)

akullnaja: ee ide interesante s'me kishte vajtur mendja.Fundjave te vizllushme dhe ty:)

shqipo said...

akull-naja ka te drejte: pas kick-box, duhet te pushosh e te marresh i cik veten :)

ashtu sic tha tetena: po shifke kick-boxing eee? ku je mi Van Damme :))

eni said...

as me shkon menja me pa kick box shqipo:) thjesht rastisi reklama:)

shqipo said...

e pse nuk shifke kick box ti eee? kishe gje me detin ti motra?

eni said...

ma shpif kick boxi dhe sporte te ngjashme detin s'kam gjo vllajo, por ma shpif kur ma rendomesojne me budalliqe si kick boxi afer:)

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