Friday, April 11, 2008

My favourite element of crime :)/ No to videos on flickr!


m so damn pissed of with this flickr guys !

As you may also have heard, flickr added the video uploading option to their site!
Now what the heck will be its difference from you tube?

OK, I know this is business, but hell isn't it because of the photos this site became so popular?
And is not just the video problem , the non-updated rss formats is another disappointing feature as well.
Not to mention the photo plagiarism and some stupid groups and perverse photos on the site..

Flickr was so important to me as it made me perceive , how much I loved photography.
But right now , it doesn't seem that bright:(
I still have a great time in flickr, but all of these things should be handled..
All I can do is hoping to see a better Flickr in the future!


rocky girl said...

ahhh dear i understand u!!it's a pity cos i liked flickr for it's photos!!!
well patience hon, at least u have a lot of free blogs, no!

Godsend said...

How about a petition? I'm sure there are many people out there with the same objections.
This is another example of money-hunger spoiling genuine things.

N.Ago said...

Fundjavë të këndshme,Eni!

wangbu said...

Hello! I am a blog fan from the Philippines. There are so many blogs in this world. I found your blog one of the most wonderful. I am happy to visit it.

eni said...

rocky girl: yeah we'll get use of this one too:)

godsend: yeah a lot of "no videos in flickr " grops are already created, but there's not any big change yet:(

n.ago: flm Neki edhe ty!

wanggu:thanks a lot for your kind words!

massia said...

ooohhhhhhhh, e drejte kjo! Nuk e kuptoj perse duhej te vendoseshin edhe videot tani! Me duket sikur flickr do humbase gjithe ate notorietetin dhe "seriozitetin" qe ka pasur gjithmone!

E vetmja alternative me duket boycott-i!!!

Te diel te kendshme:)

eni said...

e dine ato qe se bojkotojme dot ndaj bejne numra:(

edhe ty te diel te kendshme lal!

Anonymous said...

Une asnjehere nuk e kam patur me sy te mire flickerin. Sidoqofte Eni, moda e yuotube ka perfshire planetin dhe e vetmja menyre per te terhequr sa me shume eshte videoja, imazhi ne levizje ku njerezit vetefilmohen dhe pelqejne te shohin te tjeret, nje forme e prere voyeurismi.
Kalofsh mire.

p.s. nuk paske ndonje zoom?

eni said...

e di e di dhe flickr po perpiqet te konkurroje.shpresoj te mos e prishe magjine e fotografise.

zoom ? per çfare?se kuptova?

salvator said...

E kisha fjalen per foton, se nuk pashe ndonje zoom si mjet pune.
Pune te mbare.

eni said...

Salvator ky ishte nje punim ne nje nga ekspozitat e galerive te artit ne Stamboll, nuk e kam pergatitur une..

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