Sunday, October 21, 2007

Too lazy to write anything my meme:)

I normally hate such kind of questionaires but facebook's one was fun answering..wanted to share:)

1.My eye color:hazel
2.Favorite car:land rover
3.Right-handed or left-handed:right
4.Shoes you wore today:sportive ones
5.My fears:all arthropodes (scorpion,spider etc)
6.Goal you would like to achieve this year:graduate from a good photography course
7.Thoughts first waking up:I give up!
8.My bedtime:a kind of question better not asked to insomniacs
9.Pepsi or Coke:water
10.Single or Group Dates:depends on the group (hey I just noticed that:) I meant normal meetigs not dates:D)
11.Chocolate or Vanilla:chocholate of course..vanilla makes me puke
12.Do you smoke:socially
13.Do you sing:sometimes..but my voice sucks
14.Have you been in love:yeah ..I'm a helpless sucker for "the trembling butterflies" on my belly:)
15.Do you want to get married:someday maybe
16.Do you get along with your parents:yeah..I love them
17.Do you play a musical instrument:nope...I don't think I'll be able to , but I'd like to play drums

18.have you smoked in the past months:yep
19:Favorite candy bar:after eight chocholates
20.In the past month have you gone on a date:no... not in the past n months:)
21.When you were little, you use to...acting to be ill, to skip school;)Damn it , I never got sick:)
22.Ever been called a tease:yeah..when I asked my friends to style my hair:)
23.Ever shoplifted:not till now:)
24.What you want to be when you grow up:Will I ever? :D
25.Number of tattoos:none
26.Favorite celebrity:Mickey Rourke
27.All-time favorite sports team:17 nentori (Tirana Team)
28.Ideal girfriend/boyfriend:I'll call him Mylord..he'll call me Mylady:) [ok ok , I just been reading some Shakespeare lately:)]
29.My best friend(s):not many
30.Do you believe in love at first sight:yeah..I have even experienced it
31.Favorite clothing brand:I like Mango,Zara and avantgarde,androgenius brands
32.Dream vacation:wanna travel the world
33.Pet peeve:no ..I just love them
34.My favorite singer:many
35.My favorite movie:got many..
36.Have you ever fired a gun:not yet..but'll I'm seriosly thinking to to shoot you with all these questions
37.Do you like answering these questions:ehhhhh
38.Do you like yourself:at times
39.I am addicted,cinema,dance
40.Favorite drink:water
41.Do you have a crush on anyone:these life would be too boring if I hadn't..:)
42.Are you ticklish:yeah..but I'm good at tickling the others too.nobody can resist my hands:)
43.Favorite ice cream flavor:cherry
42.Define yourself in 3 words...reliable sensitive pretending-to-be-smart-asses teaser
43.Do you believe in God:yes
44.Favorite day of the week:saturday
45.Heads or tails:heads
46.Favorite author:hugo,bukowski,hegel,bierce,kafka,camus etc
47.What magazines do you read:photography,cinema
48.Sweet or sour:sour
49.Favorite chewing gum brand:
juicefruit,big babol,vivident

50.My hair color:brown
52.My heritage:white caucasian-albanian
53.My weakness:my beloved ones
54.My perfect pizza:vegetarian
55.My most overused phrase on IM:neverending blue monday
56.My best physical feature:tell me :)
57.Do you get motion sickness:sometimes
58.McDonalds or Burger King:my own sandwiches
59.Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:lipton
60.Cappuccino or Coffee:both..why should I miss any of these worlds great tastes:)
61.Do you swear:at's necessary

62.Do you want to go to college:had enough of it already:)
63.Do you think you're attractive:there are some people who make me feel like that.I love them for that
64.Do you like thunderstorms:yep..when I'm home;)
65.In the past month have you drunk alcohol:I'm not an alchohol fan
66.In the past month have you been on drugs:yes ..the drugs of photography:)what were you thinking?:)
67.Favorite cartoon as a child:tom & jerry
68.Favorite sport:skateboard
69.In the past month have I been on stage:no..long time haven't been ..and missing it
70.Ever been beaten up:some slaps when I was a child:) who on hell hasn't? :)
71.How you want to die:I wanna be aware when I'll be dying..
72.Number of piercings:none..yeah I'm the best bride version:D hahahah
73.Favorite color:marine blue,turquoise,red,grey,black,green,purple..just hate yellow
74.Favorite food dish:I have many...vegetarian and sea food
75.My parents are...amazing
76.Do you have children:not yet
77.Do you have pets:I had (my baby Kibrit)
78.Favorite scent:changeable..mostly sour ,fresh,vamp flavours
79.One time I got drunk and...forgot what I had done or said 5' ago:)
80.My favorite music genre:jazz,blues,psychedelic and everything else whose rhythm makes me dance
81.What can't you live without:my beloved ones
82.My favorite season:autumn..
83.Silver or Gold:in fact none..but silver is better
84.Who was the last person that called you:my sweet mommy
85.Are you a good driver:I got my licence 9 years ago, but forgot almost e.t because I didnt practice:(
86.Would you rather be rich or famous:I'd rather be smarter than I am.these can handle everything:)
87.When I'm sad or down, I prefer to watch a good movie
88.What is your phone's current ringtone:quizas, quizas (nat king cole)
89.The longest you've gone without sleeping:2 days
90.What would you do with a million dollars:let me have them first:)
91.What makes you laugh:sincere,great funny things and people
92.Your favorite book:many books of my favourite writers
93.Most embarrassing moment:when my hands and foots sweat like crazy:(
94.Favorite item that you currently own:my camera
95.Have you ever moved:yes
96.Kisses or hugs:both :) Hugs come first
97.Are you a very emotional person:not very ..but yes I'm an emotional person and I like it

I pick: Emigrant,Akvllnaja,Cluephone,Bebopcowboy,Klodiana, Belle ,Bizele & L.S.Alves to fill this sheet:))Come one guys, don't be lazy:)


akvllnaja said...

Rrofsh shoqe, po kam një kërkesë: a e ke atë testin e dikurshëm që qarkullonte nëpër blogoklub, se m'u duk pak më i shkurtër.:)

p.s. point 20 sucks! you are obliging me to come to Istanbul and take you out and let people see you. (not me because I'd have to come back, but I enjoy partying anyways :))

Përshëndetje paraproletare!

eni said...

haha une do doja ti merrja pergjigjet e dy pyetesoreve mi shoqe , por meqe pertoke , ja dhe linku i pyetesorit te vjeter:

nigjo je qe je pse nuk na e ploteson dhe kete pyetesorin tjeter :

do na e bejshe qefin:))

p.s: Per te bere party me ty ..urra sa qejf ketu me ke tere kohes:))
danke schatzi..

belle_fleur said...

Shoqe, kush te ka rrenjt qe i kam qejf pyetsoret:)) Te kam thene mos harxho shume kohe ne facebook se te prishi fare:))

eni said...

belle: he se shoqeria per kesi ditesh eshte:) hihihihi

klodiana said...

ha. good one eni. do ta bej vetem per siguri do fshihet me vone.

K. said...

ej, u shkriva tu qesh une....oo lazy to write anything new....

put your glasses on and read:):)

duhet me i shtu dhe 2 pyetje ketij pyetesorit, qe te behet nondhjetenonç.

nejse....vetëm pyetjen 7 dua unë se mendoj "Kushedi sa është ora"

eni said...

klodiana: sa e mire je:) po e pate me bezdi lere fare lal:)

k: hahah ne fakt ashtu qe po i hoqa ato pyetjet se qene shume te rendomta per tu vene ketu..tip sa here ne jave lahesh e terci e verci..e çe pastaj?kur do ta shofim tenden?

K. said...

do ta postoj kushedi ktu, se do me skadojne ushqimet, po fillova u mora me survey a si quhet kjo gjeja

eni said...

hahaha ..mire k.. si te kesh qejf .je e mirepritur:)

Akarta said...

here you go

2.Favorite car: Aston Martin

4.Shoes you wore today:barefoot now, later.. don't know
5.My fears:earthquakes
6.Goal you would like to achieve this year: having a better year next year
7.Thoughts first waking up: What time is it? What happened to the alarm clock?
8.My bedtime:Don't know. Depends on what I'm reading
10.Single or Group Dates:What Group? Not couples united though
12.Do you smoke: YeP!
17.Do you play a musical instrument:Some. But I wish I could play the saxophone
20.In the past month have you gone on a date: daaaaa
21.When you were little, you use to...acting to be ill, to skip school;). I was a MASTER
23.Ever shoplifted:Hmmm, are ashtrays, glasses and little spoons included?.
24.What you want to be when you grow up:the lady of the lake
25.Number of tattoos:1
29.My best friend(s): I'm a social Magnet
30.Do you believe in love at first sight:when I don't have my lenses on.
35.My favorite movie:Immortal Beloved
36.Have you ever fired a gun:Yes, and Hunting is one of my favorite things to do
38.Do you like yourself:wich one?
39.I am addicted to...don't even get on this....
40.Favorite drink:whiskey
42.Define yourself in 3 words...definition FAILED!!!
46.Favorite author: Cortazar
47.What magazines do you read:New Yorker, Granta,
54.My perfect pizza:4 cheeses
57.Do you get motion sickness:wait....what?
60.Cappuccino or Coffee:KAFE< KAFE
61.Do you swear: a lot
64.Do you like thunderstorms:yes, in the desert mostly.
67.Favorite cartoon as a child:Babar
69.In the past month have I been on stage:Yes, but not the one I want.
71.How you want to die:laughing
72.Number of piercings:none now, i use to have some.
79.One time I got drunk and...and that's it! Wasn't the first, won't be the last.
81.What can't you live without:my hearing capability
87.When I'm sad or down I shut up!
89.The longest you've gone without sleeping:3 days
90.What would you do with a million dollars:Can you do it 3?
95.Have you ever moved:a lot...i can even open a moving company by now.
96.Kisses or hugs: Good kisses, hugs are ok, not a fun! ( this kisses or hugs, so american)

eni said...

hiya chica thx a lot!

point 30 rocks..
I sympathize with you on point 67..

I enjoyed reading it! thx for

Akarta said...

it was a long one....but thnx.

klodiana said...

sooooo....i started doing this and got really annoyed around question 20. i think i've taken upon something i can't finish. who comes up with these questions, anyway?

losttext said...

33) pet peeve, dmth c`ves te keq, cfare huqi te keq ke, dhe ska te beje me kafshet...
zbavitese, eni :)

eni said...

klodiana: lal ploteso vetem pikat qe o atehere..beje si akarta ..ja lart e ke shembullin..

swed: qekam bo e lezetshme pa dashje:))

L.S. Alves said...

When you put it here?
I will need a month to answer all the question!
I promise I will try.

eni said...

thanks luciano:)

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