Friday, October 12, 2007


According to an old japanese legend , buttons used to signify a bond.
It was especially usual between couples to gift each other tightly buttoned robes while parting , so that they could remain unseparated from each other.It was also thought as a symbol of fidelity.
According to some other statements these buttons were also commented as the result of this bond , that is a child!
But as I had a look at my mom`s button collection different ideas came accross my mind.These buttons symbolise the trend and the period that this dress has been used too.
Some of them seem like screamers of `communist ideologies` under their proletarian image.
I really had big time fun while trying to guess or identify what historical period or design they belonged to.
As a conlusion , I found out I prefered the functional ones for the casual outfits.But for some more spiritually related , ethnic or authentic robes I guess the decorative ones would fit better., to enhance the artistic and emotional effect.


Parrulla said...

I always wanted to give a fashion designed nothing but the buttons and see what he could create out of them.... design clothes to fit the button and not the other way around.

Tani mu fut ne koke kenga e White Stripes... Hardest Button to Button

eni said...

wow that`s a cool idea Parrulle!

bthw ..vdes per ate kengen e White fakt vdes per ate grup..

belle_fleur said...

Eni, me kujtove time me, sepse ajo mbante nje kuti me pulla, ngjyra dhe forma te ndryshme, qe hynin ne pune sa here qe mungonte ndonje pulle per bluze, fund apo pantallona. Femrat, ndajne shume gjera te perbashketa:)

Te djele te bukur!

eni said...

thanx hon..I'm back in town:)

belle_fleur said...

Glad to see you back:)

eni said...

great to have you here girl!:)

akvllnaja said...

dhe unë që kujtoja se ime më ishte e vetmja që koleksiononte pulla, që s'ishin kurrë më tepër se dy njëlloj...

shpresoj që ia ke kaluar xixëllueshëm!

eni said...

mire fare ja kalova lal! danke!

Emigrant said...

Edhe nena jote, En? C'mi kujtove. Nena me vdiq me 1 Janar 2006. Kuptohet qe s'do bej dot Vit te Ri per se mbari ndnjehere. Besoj.

Ajo nuk shikonte shume mire nga syte dhe gjithnje me kerkonte "ti shkoja gjelperen". Ja beja. Punonte shume me dore. Ashtu me shtiza e mbaj mend me shume. Kishim edhe nje makine qepese ne shtepi te markes Singer, nga ato qe u jep me kembe. Ne njerin nga sirtaret e makines ajo mbante ato kopsat qe thua ti.... A e di lojen me kopaca (loje cunash ne fakt). Une ja merrja fshehurazi komcat per te lozur. Kopacat (komca palltosh) ishin me te rralla. Te preferuarat e mija: kopac englez dhe kopac buzekuq. Qe te luaje me mire i hollonim dke i ferkuar ne cimento. I frrunim, thuhej....

Well, Eni-darling, you know, there are things money can't buy... (for any thing else there is master card).


eni said...

sa mire e the Emigrant! vertet qe keto jane gjera te rralla!fjalen kupac e kam degjuar por se dija qe vinte ne kete kuptim.
Me vjen keq per sa paska ndodhur me 1 Janar , por me kete rast po te them nje fjale qe me ke thene vete.Ato jane past to the future pra nje e kaluar qe do te jete e pranishme dhe ne te ardhmen tone.Nuk do na largohen kurre.Ndaj te them festoje duke e menduar se e ke afer nenen vitin e ri.Mbase ngren dhe ndonje gote ne emer te saj.Mendoj se do i behej qejfi!

klodiana said...

buttons remind me of my mother, and my grandmother. so true, all that you say en. so much history behind a tiny little thing that holds stuff together.

klodiana said...

0h se harrova. me kujtojne edhe vellain qe vidhte kopsat sa here qe i jepej mundesia, por si emigranti, kujtonte se ne nuk dinim gje.

eni said...

klod thanks for the feedback hon.little things count!

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