Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Protecting the child in me!

photo courtesy : Özgün Erdem
I do miss the childhood days.The days when our biggest aim was to win the game and the merriest moment to be selected as the winner .The days we were satisfied watching our cartoons,worried because our doll had catched a cold, sad because of an unimportant quarrel with our friend.The days we were the happiest person to have a new toy or a brand new dress.The school days were fun , holidays a miracle:)
I do miss my easygoing manners, my so-called preoccupations:), my cheerful jumping in front of my house, my excitement on my first swim, my curiosity on the new literature teacher (told to be a very beautiful actress by time), my emotions on my very first crush and I can't help my self from envying my childhood, this merry time of my life.
A sociolog used to say."Every past is beautiful in our eyes"...
I don't think like him..Why I like it is because it's so very special and pure.It's too beautiful to be true, but that's real!
If there's a thing I like in myself ;that's trying to protect the child in me!I've always done this.I've always escaped from the "severe & serious" manners and people behaving like that,I find them so annoying!
Maybe it's risky to act or feel like a child ..You become more sensitive and vulnerable , you can get hurt easily ,but hell ! , you can feel the joy of that unfettered feeling!And that pays !At least it does for me...
We must try to protect the child in us ..It will make us better, much better...


ashehu@yahoo.com said...

Good idea, Eni! But "my child" makes me so crazy I want to throw her (sometimes I think it's a him because of the madness) through the window... :)

tea said...

Eni, you look so cute in this pic!

PS: I believe that the child in us, will always be apart of our adult lives.

Emigrant said...

The child in you is divine! Protect it as it makes you so special and beloved!

Eni, everybody loves you for who you are. Keep it like that! No need for anything else but continue to be yourself!


eni said...


tea: yep , thanks God

emigrant: thanx man..appreciated:)

tetena said...

eni, shpresoj vertet qe te mos kerkosh te rritesh se plakja, ta siguroj, nuk eshte fizike por çka ndodh ne mendjet tona.

Bana said...

the child in me, I think about less and less, however, I skip here and there, jump up and down to a song I like, so yeah the child is there deep... but most of the time I am someone else.

very cute pic. Love it.

Ervivi said...

:) unfortunately...we can't do anything...life kills the child in us.

eni said...

tena: shume e drejte sa thua.

bana: me pelqen sinqeriteti jot ne pergjigje.dhe mua me pelqen shume kjo foto me duket vetja si femije mistrec:)

ervivi: po ndaj mundohem ta ruaj ate brenda meje..

belle_fleur said...

si yllke kopshti me dukesh ne kete foto, shume e pafajshme me nje buzeqeshje qe te magjeps. mos ndrysho kurre e dashur dhe qendro keshtu sic je sepse duke qene e tille, je ndryshe nga te tjeret dhe ben qe te tjeret te vleresojne per ate cka ti je. me pelqen "the kid" in you. i think we all are more or less grown up kids that act as adults because we have too and our society obligates us, but i think that we all want to be those little careless children that enjoyed the smallest and simplest things in life.

eni said...

belle : flm lal.. dhe po te jap te drejte per sa thua..

shqipo said...

pse s'qekam vetem une qe qekam kalamo e?

eni said...

shqipo: ncuq:))

Barbarella said...

I share the same nostalgic feelings about my childhood as you; Our generation had the advantage of growing up in an atmosphere so conducive to purity and innocence and beauty (for a child). I can't imagine children today experiencing something so truly 'childish' as us.

eni said...

barbarella: I sympathize with you on this!

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