Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ode to texture / Perkushtim per teksturat

laundry nation III
You must have noticed from my pictures I guess:) I'm a sucker for textures! They've always impressed me deeply.

Their definition at Wikipedia :Texture refers to the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch.

However,I think they are much more.
I do define the textures as "Crust of Memories".. I can't help thinking like that.They seem to bear all of these years memories and tracks into.All the fragrances.All the tremblings.All the cracks.
It bears the hands track of a little girl playing with her dolls , the wall sign from a striking ball of some little futballers , the velvety tissues of a ladies neck , a mom's notes on her kids height measures , the engravings of the initials of two lovers , the shivering of two passionately cuddling bodies , the vibration of a dancer's foots , the shadow of a carelessly , yet emotionally writen note , the odour of a "téte a téte" lean ..All of these different ripped of layers,colors are like representatives of time , each of them belonging to a different character , to another mood or event.And the whole texture , is like the synthesis of this dynamics..

Aren't them amazing? :)
Duhet ta keni kuptuar nga fotot e mia besoj:)Jam e çmendur pas teksturave.Perhere me kane bere shume pershtypje.

Sipas Wikipedias ky eshte percaktimi per to : Teksturat kane lidhje me veçorite e perftuara ite e krijuara nga siperfaqja e jashtme e objekteve , te mara ndermjet sensit te prekjes.

Sidoqofte une mendoj se ato jane shume me teper.I percaktoj teksturat si "Kore te Kujtimeve"... S'mundem te mendoj ndryshe.Sepse me duket se mbartin kujtimet dhe shenjat e shume viteve me vete.Te tera aromat.Te tera dridhjet.Te tera krisjet.
Mbartin shenjen e dores se nje vajze te vogel teksa luan me kukullat e saj , shenjen e murit prej perplasjes se topit te disa futbollistave te vegjel , shenimet e nje nene mbi matjet e gjatesise se femijeve te saj , indet e kadifejta te qafes se nje gruaje , gdhendjet e inicialeve te dy te dashuruarve , fergellimin e dy tupave perqafuar me pasion , dridhjen e kembeve te nje kercimtareje , hijen e nje shkrimi te shkruar sa pa kujdes aq dhe me emocion , kundermimin e nje mbeshtetjeje "koke me koke"..Dhe te tera keto shtresa,ngjyra te ndryshme , te rrjepura jane si perfaqesuese te kohes , secila prej tyre i perket nje karakteri tjeter , apo nje gjendjeje ose ndodhie tjeter.Dhe e tere tekstura eshte si sinteza e kesaj dinamike.
A nuk jane vertet fantastike? :)


belle_fleur said...

I loved the "Crust of Memories". Great way of describing it because they do carry such good or bad memories, happy or sad memories, layers of memories that exist through the years to show or prove to us, that texture is important in our lives.

eni said...

glad we think alike:)

ELAIS said...

I had indeed noticed your love for textures.
Liked that you explained what you like about them too :)

eni said...

glad you enjoyed:)

eni said...

pse strangy te trembi proza e ? :) jo per gjo po poezia ime te asfikson:)

eni said...

strangeman se morra vesh se pse nuk paska dale komenti jot:( sa e pashe:(

klodiana said...

representatives of time, yes. so well said. i like textures. i feel that way about houses, too. each a separate world with its own traditions and secrets.

eni said...


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