Thursday, August 09, 2007


I have a urge need to escape.Escape from here , escape from everything that makes me feel uncomfortable !Uncomfortable with myself and my decisions.That breaks my heart!
That bores me to death!That I can't fight any longer ..


Bana said...

Hi Eni,

Escape! it's on everyone's mind, well maybe not everyone. I wish you get a message from someone, the right message, to alter your perspective on your situation. It works in my experience. The message is often simple, and genuine. I hope a friend delivers it to you.

eni said...


Selfmaderadio said...

lovely, what's wrong?

ervivi said...

...te vije dhe une me ty???

FreakyGuest said...

HEY ....


It is not permitted to be sad NOW, especially when you will have freaky guests! ;)

eni said...

selfi: a collection of stupidity that's surrounding me..feeling better today anyway..thanks girl!

ervivi:sikur ta gjej se ku te katranosem te jap haber :)

freakyguest: come on girl!let us break the devil's leg (as they say here in Turkey;)

ET said...

büzük kizi, büzük !

eni said...

ste morra vesh ore e.t:(

akull-naja said...

me turqishten time, te ngjashme me te e.t., ai po te thote te shkosh te besh qejf. Puna eshte qe ty s'duhet te ta kete qejfi per qejf, ose shpresoj qe ishte vetem dje. Kush e mori vesh kimine... Hej, me "escape" eshte kollaj. Une vesh nje pale çorape leshi dhe ia plas te qarit per qejfin tim. Te nesermen ndihem e shushatur, po te pasnesermen e kam harruar...
Qarja me çarape leshi mund te zevendesohet me nje te dale te fuqishme ose me nje sauna po kaq te fuqishme ose me nje senance sporti te dhimbshme. Keto jane "escape"-t e mia... Jo se jane zhdukur budallalleqet kur kthehem, po e kam koken me te fresket per t'ju futur budallalleqeve te perditshme me themeli.

Pasdite te kendshme!

ET said...

cesaretlenmek mi Eni, cesaretlenmek.
now i speak in slang to U, cüretkâr or büzük...:)
Ps:ben müsaadesiz meyhane me ty :)

eni said...

Akull je , por i ngrohte fare ama ! rrofsh lal!

e.t: si urnon:)

ITS said...

Turqishtja e ketyre me kujtoi nje fjale te re qe mesova weekendin qe shkoi.

Boksierit ne Turqisht i thokan: Dajak Usta :D

/Eni good-luck te dyve neve qe duam te zhvendosemi!

eni said...

its: :D
Hope you're feeling much better now;)

ET said...

kesin olarak bilmiyorum "urnon" (?)
merak etme ! Eni :)

eni said...

e.t: hajde te paça:) rrofsh!

belle_fleur said...

Message in the bottle would say "let's escape together and forget the world" i made that up:))

Yllo, shpresoj te ndjehesh me mire dhe mos e vrit mendjen shume sepse dite me te mira po vijne.


eni said...

belle: me rrofsh dhe ti:)

klodiana said...

en, i know that feeling too well. been struggling with it for a while now. sometimes i stay put. sometimes i escape. but all i've found is that one can never escape oneself.

i know you wrote this a few days ago, but i just read it and wanted to let you know that i sincerely understand!

peace and love to you,


eni said...

klodi: such words are always wellcomed dear..thanks!

strangeMAN said...

En, futju poezise! :)

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