Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sexy Cows..and not only!

I bet you've never seen sexier cows before.They are stylish,colorful, three-dimentional , trendy and funny.
I kinda hear you saying: What's a sexy cow? :) What do you mean?
No , I'm not ironizing at all:) There are such ones:) You may find them everywhere in Istanbul actually:)
CowParade Istanbul it's the largest open air art exhibition in Istanbul organised 'till now.It's an international exhibition , open for all audiences who want to share their art .Different works of different artists and people not dealing with art are present in this exhibition.This exhibition aims to mix all of these conmpositions and create so a very special , warm , cozy atmosphere for an unforgettable event.
These awesome cows are emplaced in some of the most popular Istanbul districts.I've seen some of them and are truly amazing and genuine , each of them bearing a different message .
The Cow Parade is very popular and has been organised in different areas of the world such as :1998 Zurich ,1999 Chicago ,2000 New York ,2001 Houston, Kansas ,2002 Las Vegas,London, Sydney ,2003 Atlanta, Auckland, Dublin, Tokyo ,2004 Cape Town, Johannesburg, Manchester, Prague, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Harrisburg ,2005 Barcelona, Bratislava, Bucharest, Geneva, Florence, Monaco, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Warsaw, 2006 Paris, Edinburgh, Athens, Lisbon, Budapest, Norway, Boston, Denver, Curitiba , 2007 İstanbul , 2008 Pekin .
A sum of 10.000.000 $ , earned until know in the held exhibitions and auctions has been deposited to different charity organisations.The profits from the auction that'll be held in Istanbul Cow Parade will be deposited to Rehabilitation Centre for Homeless Children , AÇEV (Foundation for Children with Leukamia) and TEMA (enviromental foundation)...
For more infos on this cool project have a look here: http://cowparade-istanbul.com


Selfmaderadio said...

We had them in zurich years ago. I believe we were the first to have the funny idea. I liked them. I heard they went afterwards to america. And now Instambul. Why not Tirana? Next stop.

eni said...

yeah hopefully!

Parrulla Armiqesore said...

Vetem nese mund ti mjelesh per uje!

eni said...


Beni said...

well, I like that idea. :) kinda remember some of those places. My good ol' Istanbul :)... many things had changed since my days there :)

eni said...

I see you miss Istanbul very much Beni:)

belle_fleur said...

Ku si shkon mendja njeriut, Parade Lope. Nuk e di si do mirepritej dicka e tille ne Tirane?

eni said...

Ketu i kishin demtuar disa:(

bletebzz said...

i kishim dhe ne NY para disa vjetesh. funny, sexy single, everything you want in a cow.
it somehow reminded me of that wonderful Albanian compliment;
Cfare lope qeka kjo, tamam lope race.

eni said...

blete: hahahah me kishte marre malli per humorin tend:)

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