Tuesday, July 08, 2008

There must be good things still

There must be good things still .
There must be affection
There must be joy.
There must be friendships.
There must be still faith left..

Since this guy that has never seen me before and probably will never ever see me again ,is smiling so happily , and posing in such an easygoing , exposed way..
Abandoning hisself so smoothly to my focus and yet trying to entertain me with his timid look..
He knew I was a stranger , but this did not stop him to try to express his emotions somebody has when has just experienced a surprise..
He left his tea and totally focused on his posing..
And thanks to him I paralysed in my camera and my mind the most inneffiable smile I had seen recently.
A true smile ..A smile from the heart..

There must be still hope...



I love the look of that guy. Love the way he smiles. Looks like the kind of guy you would love to have a coffee with.

belle_fleur said...

Sweet hope! This last trip has enriched you tremendesly. The experiences, the people, their faces, their smiles, their poses will help you going for a while.

I am so glad you were able to capture such great moments!

p.s. don't forget to give a smile today cuz you'll make someone happy:)

ET said...

do i jesh duk si e jashme :)

eni said...


belle:thanks a million hon;)

e.t:))po po tere kohes

Majla said...

You could stil find the warmness of people in East of Turkey.Things change so slow there...that's another world...

eni said...

yeah Majla and this is what makes it so great!

Anonymous said...

Magjari is back to your blog...

there is still hope!!!
there is still something left to feel.
you can feel it here at your blog!!!
(po bej eksperimentim per anglishten qe ka arritur te mbijetoje tek une prandaj nese jam shprehur gabim me korrigjo.E kam te nevojshme.)

eni said...

Magjar mire se u ktheve mik:) dhe flm shume!


Selfmaderadio said...

"There must be good things still"

yes. You. :D

eni said...

self: thanks ..good mom;)

emigrant said...

Cheers, EN!

PS selfi ka te drejte. I njit llafi si me zamke... ;) :P

e paditur said...

Eni dear, foto mallëngjyese!
Them që ca njerëz, sa më të thjeshtë, aq më të natyrshëm. Çdo emocion e kanë të papërpunuar, të pazbukuruar. Qoftë buzëqeshjen, qoftë trishtimin, qoftë mirënjohjen, qoftë dorëzimin.

Kurse ne, "të sofistikuarit", dimë t'i fshehim të gjitha pas mburojës së cinizmit.

eni said...

Emo:)) thanks;)

E paditur: e ke thene aq mire sa me s'behet..flm

Minerva said...

Ne nje bote shpesh e mbushur me fallsitet eshte veshtire te gjesh gjera te verteta dhe kur i gjen te prekin shpirterisht.

eni said...

minerva:vertet ndaj dhe njeriu habitet dhe preket kur i sheh

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