Friday, May 16, 2008

Blue Mornings!

I'm not a big morning fan.I'm not one of the enthusiasts that just can't wait to start a new day.
I don't mean to be ironical , in fact I wish I was different.But I just can't find the slightest energy to do anything in the morning.
Mornings are quite always getting my nerves on, especially that waking up alarm of my mobile. Brrr, I totally hate it..

But there are some special mornings too , you know?
The one at the photo is one of them.

It was a cold day and everything looked like surrounded with a blue-greyish texture..It made everything look even colder and frozen.The pigeons and the cannons, the bleak trees, the lonely people passing there, the lamp and the sky...Everything in this natural tableau seemed so perfectly harmonized with blue and melancholy.

But it wasn't sad at all..It was such a magic moment to experience , such a lovely, poetic emotion.
You could breathe the fresh , cold air and feel the nose-ferocious , odour of the sea vaporize the whole platitudinous,brain disturbing granules .
I stayed there for half an hour watching the sea and engorging this peerless view.Left the place with a feeling of enrichment.

If there was any way to help the mornings pass perfectly , this one would be my definite number one!


E ëma e Zeqos said...

Po klloçkën ku e kan këta moj të keqen nëna tyja moj sumbull e nënës?
Po dale të pyes nëna tyja njëhër se nuk këndon dot nëna këtë allafrëngen tuaj: këta korbecët e këndojn dot allafrëngen?

eni said...

ja ashtu te perzier me klloçkat jane o neno besoj:)

Godsend said...

Wish I'd been there...
Ne fakt ne shikim te pare duket si mengjes i zymte, por po ta shohesh pertej dy sekodave eshte nje pamje qe te frymezon dhe te ben ta fillosh diten me entuziazem. Eni, kto fotot e tua jane shume origjinale. Kap vende e momente shume interesante. Keep it up!

N.Ago said...

Përherë me kënde të bukura fotografimi!

eni said...

godsend: vertet qe ishte nje moment dhe vend i paharruar e dashur.flm per fjalet e mira!

N.Ago: flm shume Neki!

E ëma e Zeqos said...

Nuk shoç na syt nëna mir moj sumbull e nëns ti nuk shoç

tropoja said...

kjo fotografi, shume e vecante, sipas interpretimit tim, duket sikur paraqet ndarjen e dy boteve, ate te gjallerise qe eshte krej prane, ne plan te pare dhe ate pjesen e heshtur i misterioze te botes, ne sfond.
pershendetje, eni!

eni said...

tropoja : pershendetje mik..flm!

e ema e zeqos: he o neno se kur do ti sheh;)

alidea said...

Ohh sa e bukur !

Kjo foto ngjan me nje arome te thelle dehese qe te frymezon te meditosh,sikur kjo perdja blu te thote "gjeje!" :)

emigrant said...

it's not the morning special. It's you! The morning becomes special because of you.

Happy weekend, hon'!

belle_fleur said...

I wish I were there, too! I promise I would have been like a bird and not bother you with my singing :)

Have bright weekend my friend!

p.s. the shot rocks like the lady that took it:)

E ëma e Zeqos said...

Jo moj sumbull e nënës jo se më kan lën syt edhe kam humbur edhe gjyslyket nëna.

eni said...

alidea: sa bukur e ke pershkruar! flm!

emigrant:i'm honoured;)

belle_fleur: girl your company would be lovely and your song as well;) hugs

e ema e zeqos: kerkoji mavrise te te marre nje pale syze o neno!

Rocky Girl said...

Yeah it's gray but ii isn't sad at all, at least not when looking at your photo. And this is great, making some gray morning look awesome... only you can do it ;

p.s. it remind me of this song
it looks like the pic was taken in Prague.
hung hon

eni said...

rocky girl:oh girl i'm honoured.i love prague and inxs! you really rock;)

Rocky Girl said...

Oh thanks girl, you totally rock too.

p.s. sorry but I have to edit these:
ii= it
remind= reminds

eni said...

hahahah you're so prudent:)ok

Anonymous said...

yhy sa qenkan vonuarrrrrrrrrrrrr

great shot.

eni said...

Dritan : thanks so much pal..i appreciate every comment of yours:)

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