Monday, March 03, 2008

Tagged by Kim: open book

It's been a while I have been tagged by Kim to write the (6,7,8,9th sentences of the 123rd page of the book I'm reading)..
Sorry for my delay dear Kim, I've been really busy and just could hardly finish my albanian book of Artan Fuga "Rrota e mundimit" , plus keeping on with Jerzy Kosinski's "The painting bird" which is another goodie..
"Rrota e mundimit " a.k.a "the wheel of torment" was good ..I enjoyed it a lot..loved his differently reasoning and how he described,argumented on many social aspects.He definitely has an odd , but effective argumenting style.And he's a great observer.I recommend you this one,definitely!

And regarding Kim's book tagging I'm writing down the sentences of an interior design book I'm reading at work , since this one is in english:) at least you'll learn something new on the curtains:)

Book Source: The Curtain Book
Writers:Caroline Clifton-Mogg & Melanie Paine

"When several elements are hung together at one window , the fitting details become more complex.
To make the curtains look full and luxurious use interlining- a soft blanket layer between fabric and lining which will also improve insulation.For a finishing touch,include a border,in a contrasting fabric,running vertically,set in from the edge of the curtains.The border fabric can be of different colour or texture from the main fabric-perhaps a length of old ,delicately patterned silk or paisley cotton".

Now I tag Zhapik,Elais,Klodi,Emigrant,Belle,BBC,K+,Karmapolitick,Selfmaderadio,RockyGirl,
Brisku,BBP1K,Minerva,Massia,Krasta_Krau,Edrus,Mumsbest,Perjetesisht te Panjohur,Tena.


Ne shqip:

Miq te dashur ju lutem ndani me ne fjalite e (6,7,8,9, ) te faqes se 123-te te librit qe keni ne duar per momentin.


doracouture said...

E dashur Eni shume kohe qe nuk lexoj nje liber shqip,mu ngjall deshira ta lexoj dhe une sa per librin e perdheve i studioj vazhdimisht,jam e apasionuar e cmendur per design dhe gjerat qe per dike mund te jene normale o nuk lene shenje une i shoh me interes para syve me hapet nje bote tjeter e bere jo me germa por me shenja convecionale qe mund ta decifroj vetem dora

eni said...

dora ta rekomandoj , liber vertet i vlefshem..
te pershendes!

Rocky Girl said...

ha ha ha Eni e paske marrë seriozisht kërcënimin :P. Te këto gjërat interesante nuk më tag ti muve :( kshu që po e deklaroj veten, self-tagged ok? :D
hughs hon

eni said...

rrusho kam haru momentin e fundit.prit se po e edit sakaq:))

eni said...

si te harrova une ty liber-ulkonjen? :))

Rocky Girl said...

yeah, now that's my girl :D

u know u ROCK sweetie

eni said...

heheh you too hon!

lookin' forward to seeing your verses..

akvll-naja said...

Thashë se ishte pyetësor tjetër dhe hapa fjalorin me e përkthy... :D

Instruktive pjesa jote.

eni said...

heheh e madhe je mi goc:)))


Majla said...

Hmm, ok hon I'll bring a lot of Dino Buzzati, actually readin his two books.But I have to translate from turkish to english, asap.

eni said...

thanks can write it in albanian's up to you..

bthw i'm still waiting for your questionnaire as well.mos kujto se harrova:p

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