Monday, March 31, 2008

Can we give sorrow a shelter?

a manifest of involution

All of us have experienced sorrow, once or maybe often.
Reactions to sorrow have been different , though.
Some of us have just hated it , and have tried to escape from it in every possible way ,
whatever its price would be.
Some others, have understood it , never daring to be long time residents in its territories.
And some others have befriended it , learned from it , used it as a life motto, or as a trendy attitude .
Suddenly , the abandonment occurs.
Sorrow is banished from their lives, minds,hearts , and thoughts like a plague suffering dog.
According to Han Yu (chinese writer 768-824) : The seven consistents of emotional make up are: joy,anger,sorrow, love,fear,hatred & desire.A man of superior emotional make up will display these emotions in a balanced manner”
Joy is always wellcomed , looked forward ,valued as one of the best things we are blessed with.I do agree.I love joy and being joyful.I can’t say no to joy.I love to make people happy too.
So is love and desire, except for the socially pervert,unusual,uneasy definited ones.
Anger , Fear and Hatred are also accepted even though they might be hidden ,tried to be limited or suppressed .
But when it comes to sorrow , things change.
Sorrow is not wanted , at least when it looses its sedative desertion charms.
Right after , escape from sorrow begins.
A total sorrow detox takes place , boosted with fake happiness/innovation pills.
But will this heal us?
Wouldn’t it be better if we offered sorow a corner in our soul , share it with the other consistents of our emotions , perceive it , nurture it and approach to it ? Can we offer sorrow a shelter?
Maybe this would be more constructive and realistic., thus would lead us to stronger , non-deceitful self and to a witty life vision.

Below you may read some sorrow related quotes that I like:
1.But the sorrowing are nomads on a plain with few landmarks & no boundaries , sorrow horizons are vague and its demands are few.
Larry Mc.Murtry
american writer

2.It’s such a secret place the land of tears.
Antoine Saint de Exupery (1900-1944)
from the Little Prince

3.O sorrow wilt you live with me , no casual mistress , but a wife.
Alfred Tennyson

4.Yes, he thought-, between grief and nothing I will take grief.
William Faulkner
U.S novelist
5. I was the insider and the outsider.I was at home and I was exciled.I have never been happier , nor have I been sad.
Betty Bao Lord U.S writer


Rocky Girl said...

lovely post en! and lovely picture as well, though me don't like c u sad

as to sorrow I'm more of "let it be" kind so I just let thing flow...
por mendoj se çdo emocion është i mevojshëm, qoftë edhe trishtimi, të jep mundësinë e një shikimi të thellë brenda në shpirt. Në fund të fundit çdo gjë për njerëzit është, apo jo

eni said...

no worries hon, i'm not sad at all.just the pic may look like that;)

anyway i think sorrow is needed as enriches us ..
une per vete jam me krijuese kur jam e trishtuar:)

ET said...

iş güçlükleri ? Eni :)

eni said...

yok öyle bi şi E.T
hoş geldin bu arada:)

ET said...

sağ olun filiz gibi :)

eni said...


traveler one said...

That's powerful and hs given me a lot to think about. Love your photo... such sad, seductive eyes!

eni said...

glad to hear you think so about this post dear Kim ..and thanks on the compliment !

Jeff said...

Wise words. You are quite the philosopher.

~Jeff Milton

eni said...

Jeff: pal is a honour to have ya here!cheers!

N.Ago said...

Muaj të mbarë!

eni said...

flm Neki..edhe ty!

klodiana said...

from my experiences, particularly this most recent one, i have understood that sorrow makes people uncomfortable. you have no idea how many people, even my closest friends and family, have said the words: "let's change the subject," upon detecting sorrow.

i believe that partly, that happens because in sorrow they are able to see a part of them that has yet to be fully accepted and recognized. it is drilled into us, day in and out, that the only means of success are strength and happiness. but the fact remains that all the emotions you listed are but human concequences and the only way to be successful is to balance them all and treat them as such: human emotions. because to deny any of them is to deny being human.

eni said...

Klod ja ke vu piken mbi i..rrofsh!

bizele said...

such deep thoughts en.

question: what is one to do when you become paralized by the possible sorrow that is yet to come?

eni said...

bizele: just think of sorrow as s.t. normal..if we think it just like a part of other human emotions it won't look so bad any longer.hugs

Hicham said...

We are humans thus we are supposed to feel so but the challenge is not feeling it; rather it is to overcome and change it to something useful.

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