Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another one of those...

1.Do you smoke ciggs? - Socially.I find so damn attractive ,smoking while having a good conversation with my friends.

2. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? - weeks? isn't that short? :D

3. Who's the last person that came to your house? - My 2 close friends.Missed it , it was a long time we hadn't chinwaged...

4. Miss someone? - I do feel like a chameleon , on this matter.It depends.But this is not related to old stories anyway..

5. Is there anyone you would like to fight? - I find it unnecessary to dialogue with whom I dislike.But I'd do this with the ones that are teasing my beloved ones, anytime,at any place.

6. Do you like someone right now? - yeah..

is it because of your weird nature to ask such questions bthw?

7. Song playing? - yeah..I'm stuck in Nina Simone,Cesaria Evora,Billy Holiday lately.

8. What are you doing tomorrow? - just another working that is boring..

9. Do you know what tofu is? - yep

10. Have you ever eaten it? -nope.i don't think i lost s.t big anyway..

11. Do you want to go back to middle school? - no, but university , i do miss at times...

12. Have you ever watched the Britney Spears movie? - I prefer watching B class horror movies.Plus listening to Mariah Carey..
ok , ok let's not exaggerate..Mariah would be a true torture.

13. What did you do yesterday? - sat on my office chair for 9 hours. Then went out thinking all my way home, about different things.I like pondering during my walk on the park.

14. Who did you ride in a car with last? - the taxi driver from diyarbakir ( a south-east turkish city).his turkish dialect was so very weird i couldn't get anything from what he said.And the problem was that he enjoyed talking so very much:( I had to force myself to focus on smiling and I was so damn sleepy:(

15. Are you tired? - Inertia at some facts of my life tires me at times.

16. Who were you with today/tonight? - my friends

17. Where is your mother right now? - 798 km away from me.And just a login to msn.i love technology..seriously! i like to see my mommy's face smile when I post her the video link of her favourite song of the moment (disko partizani)..It's maybe just the pixel of her I'm kissing, but it is still worth doing it..

18. What color socks do you have on? - white-black zebras:) Today I'm Pipi calzalunga:)

19. What color is the shirt you are wearing? - black shirt with black pants and suspenders..thanks Klod;))

Majla knows i just love them:)

20. Where is the best place you have ever visited? - i still haven't..

21. Do you think barbie is a negative role model for young girls? - i don't think i can give a better answer from Klodi's on this:)))

22. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? - not too much time.i'm good at ignoring to wear what i hate to see on me.

23. Does your family own any boats? - what, are you a pawnbroker or what?

24. Have you ever kissed your cat? - yep kissed it, squeezed it..just loved my cat. brrrr miss him:((

25. Where were you when 9/11 happened? - far , far away

26. Describe the computer you are currently using? -we are under a peaceful atmosphere with the new machine.It's so great compared to that old dull pc of mine.

27. Have you been outside of the U.S.? - newsflash: the U.S. is not the only country in the world. really.and i have been in many places except for U.S :p

28. The last text you received on your mobile was from? - not even worth mentioning.but i felt i owe you a laughter so i'm just writing you my last sms's text:write ASK (means love in turkish) then send it to this no... win a great love hit melody for your mobile (a totally arabesque song of course).

In fact as i read it I understand there's nothing to laugh about it.Sorry guys,keep away yourself from hair hanking!

30. Ever had a crush on a teacher? - not as far as i remember...perhaps because everything that reminds me of exigences , makes me hard to feel an affection for.

31. Do you wish at 11:11? - Nope.My brain is still with me , hasn't gone yet on Bali holidaying.

32. contacts or glasses? - none.

33. Next vacation you're going on? - I'm just looking forward to visit some special Turkey cities (Mardin,Capadoccia) in summer with a very special person who comes from far far away:))

34. Do you play any instruments? - None , but I'd love to play drums.

35. Do you have any piercings? - Nope.Do rings , earrings count? Because I'm not wearing them either:p

36. Last person you hugged? - My friends..But none of the kind that you asked.

37. In the last 24 hours what did you do? -i think you should seriously take some sclerosis pills.

38.Who/What made you angry today? - Like always, everything cumbersome.

39. Do you download music? - yeah , a hell of it!

40. Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally? - Guess so.It was sweet!

41. Do you love anyone? - We'll see:)))

42. Have you ever bungee jumped? - Not in the literal sense of the word, no. figuratively however, many a time. (copy pasted from Klodi:))

43. Ever have an antfarm? - no, i played real games when i was a kid. games like, "topa gropash," "loje me pinca" or whatever else kids are not supposed to play with nowadays. (copy pasted from Klodi:)

44. Do you find yourself loved? -We'll see:)

45. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? -once at work:))

And once I had remained too late to our showroom and I was working alone for the moment.I jumped into a taxi and terrorized called my friend from the factory and said her : Something scary happened.
She asked me frightened what has happened and started laughing loudly when i explained her the matter.She told me in turkish this word can't be used in such situations.Eh , we, the albos are too much dramatizing:)
My work pals used this word of mine for a long period and they were successful you know? :))

I can't believe it's over:)) I pass this to Majla(zhapiku),Elais,Edi (Bizele),Akarta,Rockygirl,Bleteza,Redbonsai,Loer,Strangeman,Krasta,Kim,Massia..and don't you dare not fill it:))))


traveller one said...

arggggggggg.... am I the only Kim you know?? This is a cruely LONG meme Eni!! (I am protesting a bit). But I will get around to it... one day soon!

eni said...

yep sure you are the one and only Kim I know:)

looking forward to your answer:)

klodiana said...

yaaaay!! you're so sweet to be sharing the misery with me. i loved reading your answers :D

two things:

1.come on, admit that you like mariah. i'll still love you.

2. t-shirt with panties on a hanger? where can i get one of those?

eni said...

1.girl i hate mariah...pimples burst in my face if i accidentally listen to her:))

2.nope..perhaps you misunderstood me ..i meant a shirt and panties with hangers.(kemishe dhe pantallona me tiranda:)

klodiana said...

hahaha. eni me shkrive fare. listen sweets,

panties = brecka
pants = pantallona
hangers = varse rrobash
suspenders = tiranda

get it? i love it when languages are transliterated. it can be really funny. un e gjora duke imagjinuar nje black t-shirt me nje pale brecka te verdha te varura ne varse. hec mo.

massia said...

Moooossssssss, dhe mua qe me dukej vetja e pakapshme nga kto pyetjet qe me sa kam lexuar ndryshojne me kohen, metamorfozooooooohen!!!! Ok, do e bej, pa problem...
Ja kengen dhe ketu :

merhaba:))) duhet te jete sigurisht gabim hehe

eni said...

klod :)) te betohem se pants kam dashur te shkruaj por me shkavi dora.suspenders nuk me vajti ner men me thon te drejten.po e rregulloj se lame nam:D

massia: rrofsh:) dhe per kengen too!
merhaba-ja eshte ne rregull:)

akvll-naja said...

I was told you had a very cute Biology teacher in High School. You're sure you had no crush on him? :)))

eni said...

Biology teacher? hahah he was the humblest,baldest teacher of the earth..but the one who told you might have had a crush:)))

akvll-naja said...

I'm sure she had... actually she has always a crush for the bald... :)

U kënoqëm t'u shkrujt te blogjet e njona-tjetrës sonte...:)

Kalofsh mirë

eni said...


yeah ..kalofsh mire gjithashtu!

ene un po e mbyll kiosken per sot.qokat mund ti lini te dera se i pranoj neser:)

Krasta Krau said...

Persepari refuzoj... dhe refuzoj tu pergjigjem pyetjeve... Jam No Koment... e kam mesu ket hile nga shkolla dhe e di qe nuk ke ca i bo... Po kontrolloj postimet e mia ne blog dhe rezulton qe intervistimet zene pjesen me te madhe te hapesires dhe si perfundim heq dore tani per tani... :D

Me qe ra llafi kjo puna e Tirandave me ka shkri :D

Ene te ka zene gjumi ne pune hahahahhaa...

:D :D :D


belle_fleur said...

Eni je si shpirt. Shkova tek blogu i Klodit, e pashe qe me kishte lene detyre shpije, ene ika sikur s'vura re asgje qe thoshte Belle:) Epo s'na u hoqen qafe questionaret a thua se ua kemi bo borxh. Un thashe se ua nxorrem ujin e zi me 2007, por jo jo qenkemi te denum:PP

Rrofsh se me kenaqe!

Vemendje said...

Pershtypja qe te le si adhuruese e cigareve (tymit) me bene te mendoje se ajri i pastert qe ti jeton ka vetem ate tym qe bene rruge ne mushkrit e pafajshme te tuat.
Po ndaloj para se te tingelloj roz.

eni said...

Kraste deri diku pranohen xhustifikimet shpejt ke xhaxhi max. dy jave kohe te jap:p
ate dite isha e vdekme ne pune isha veç une e sekretarja.veçse kur shof se me qe plas koka ne tavoline:))

belle_fleur: siç thoja dhe tek akullnaja mire keq jane te lezetshme deri dikur se mesojme gjera interesante nga te tjeret:)

vemendje:hehe adhuruese jam ama vetem nga ana fotografike me teper, e vertete qe me terheq vizualisht tymi.ja nje shembull:

me verte mushkerite dhe melçine te pafajshme i kam momentalisht..po ndal dhe une para se te behem roza rozina:)))

Rocky Girl said...

eniiiii u're sooooo gonna die!!!! :D

eni said...

hahaha no threats ,no threats:p

Majla said...

Shoqe mir qe e rregullove ate punen e "pants" se lam nam tha. Apo skishe theksuar "Majla knows" phuphuphu...

Sta jap fjalen se do te mund ti pergijigjen pyetsorit se shpejti, but I will ;)

eni said...

heheh e vura re dhe une ne vend te shkruja pants e kisha shkrujt panties.ça tmerri:))

mire pra mos u vono shume!

ELAIS said...

Detyra u krye.
Papapa sa te bindem :)

N.Ago said...

Po mirë po, çne në englezçe ti këtë? :)

massia said...

Oj çike, po te le nje video simbolike per faktin qe me detyrove ta beja ate pyetesorin:)
I kiiiiiiillll youuuuuuuuuuu:)))
ehi, eshte vertete e tmerrshme.


massia said...

Eh ne fakt jam pakez neper re edhe sot hehe sorry, ja linkun:


doracouture said...

Pyetje simpatike!Mund te marr pjese?By Dora

eni said...

elais. si yll te kam:)

Neki: sepse ashtu ishte origjinali dhe pertova ta perkthej.rroft Aklli qe nuk pertoi:)

massia: haha me ke vdek me vidoe.flm shume per plotesimin e pyetsorit.hugs!

doracouture: patjeter qe kenaqesi ta shihja te plotesuar ne blogun tend.tek disa blogje te tjera ke dhe versionin shqip nese deshiron.pershendetje.

doracouture said...

Eni!Te me falni por nuk jam shume praktike me blogun,kjo nuk eshte e veshtire per ta kuptuar kur ju te shihni blogun tim.POR me pelqen te mesoj dhe kjo eshte me e rendesishmja HELP ME!

Bana said...

"I prefer watching B class horror movies.Plus listening to Mariah Carey.."

oh boy... "I prefer eating my own foot" thuhet nganjehere ketej. bravo girl. I like those walks thru the park you mentioned.

eni said...

dora: si mund t'ju ndihmoj?

bana: hehe thanks dude!

K. said...

hanger= kremastar... kaq lexova une tashi per tashi!

K. said...



pyetjen e fundit biles!
0.Do you smoke ciggs? - Yes, and I don't count them!
0. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? - Actually no...i need to catch up! but i had a very nice kisser 3 weeks ago!
0. Who's the last person that came to your house? - my friends, for dinner!
0. Is there anyone you would like to fight? - it depends, some vegans, or the hipsters!
0. Do you like someone right now? - a couple?
0. Song playing? - cello concerto in D minor, by Dvorak
0. What are you doing tomorrow? - Work
0. Have you ever eaten it? -a little while I was cooking...then...why??
0. Do you want to go back to middle school? - liceu? why not? always!
0. What did you do yesterday? - Ore,you don't make sense with these questions? I don't remember btw
0. Who did you ride in a car with last? -the Bus Driver!
0. Are you tired? -I am a lot, but it's friday night, damn it, i'm going out!
0. Who were you with today/tonight? - my friends
0. What color socks do you have on? -it's summer socks buddy
0. What color is the shirt you are wearing? -well, i am still wearing a shirt, a black top
0. Where is the best place you have ever visited? -probably you haven't travel so much, a lot buddy , a lot.
0. Do you think barbie is a negative role model for young girls? - they are other non blonde dolls in the market
0. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? - depends... at least 30 minutes, without choosing the shoes!
0. The last text you received on your mobile was from? - Patrick, he thinks we are on his show
0. Ever had a crush on a teacher? - YES!
0. Do you wish at 11:11? - NO, i usually catch it , every other day. And the 12: 34 and the 22:22. I'm a freak on those things!
0. contacts or glasses? - both! Come and talk to me, while i don't have neither of those! it's so funny
0. Do you play any instruments? -told you last time, piano and some other!actually i can't play and woodwinds or brass!
0. Do you have any piercings? - do you? not anymore...but still got the holes
0. Last person you hugged? - the bartender, but i so wanted to hug the hair dresser today
0. Has anyone ever sang or played music for you personally?' yes, and I love it, specially with some whiskey on the side
0. Do you love anyone? -well, let me say , I have my favorites!
0. Have you ever bungee jumped? - no! but i did paragliding
0. Do you find yourself loved? -( We'll see:)- Eno....dallaver? )

p.s. akarta=K = other things

eni said...

K.:dude me zbertheve me pergjigjet rrofsh for filling çarçafin:)

sa siç qe je ke vene 0 ne vend te nr te kenoqi pergjigjja jote per ata te cilet doje ti luftoje (veggans lol:)),bthw dhe motra ime eshte e tmershme me gjet oren:))
sa per dallaverin mos me pyt per gjona qe si di as une:))

K. said...

eno, si ta kuptoj fjaline
"sa siç qe je?"

As per vegans...oh please, everytime i do eat steak tartare I think about them!
And believe me, in this city they are coming up every monday fresh like mushrooms after the rain.

per fjaline e fundit...po se dite ti, kush do ta dije?

eni said...

desha me thone skiç:)

si the ti si kerpudha e :)))

sa per ate qe se di:se di he per he , por mbase e di me vone ore shoqe:)

Minerva said...

You never had a crush on a teacher?!!! Girl, lucky you!!My teachers were always handsome and charismatic men :-D It was my uncondiotional love for teachers that pushed me towards a professor career :-P

eni said...

hahahah nice idea Minerva:))

Andrew said...

Eni kam pak zili për njeriun çë do të udhëtoj me ty nëpër Kapadoçi

eni said...

andrew: :)

K. said...

he , si vajti ajo pune?

eni said...

k.. no news for the moment:)

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