Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm learning not to feel blue!

losing myself

Each end of a year and the unevitable start of a new one, makes me sometimes feel gloomy.I guess it's because I always try to do the best (because of my unfortunately being a perfectionist) and be sad when not seeing everything as I hoped to be.
But it's not just this , for sure.It's a strange feeling; that of the life that floats through and you just can't stop it.It's because of that , I don't feel much like celebrating on 31st of December.
And I should admit I feel somewhat relaxed right after years change.
But right afterwards , this strange feeling of sobriety, just starts again.Right at the end of the year I have a strange will to fix time for a while and handle everything that messes my mind about.This might sound funny, I know , but I just can't help it.
So I decided that this years resolution would be : NO RESOLUTIONS AT ALL!
I'll try to set my self free of all these psychological burdens.

We'll see if I'll manage:)



Yeaaaaaahhhh. Welcome to the club!

eni said...

hi there dude:)

ELAIS said...

Nisme per tu pergezuar.
Te uroj suksese!

belle_fleur said...

My tip to you would be, don't have any expectations at all, take it as it come and things sometimes turn out better. I think we all feel a little blue at the end because we think of all the things that we could have accomplished but we failed to do so. But, the bright side of it is, the new year has come so that we can achieve more and enjoy it.

Have a wonderful year my dear! You'll do the best because you're a very determined person!


eni said...

elais: flm lal! hope to keep the promise!

belle: flm yll..shpresoj!

LOER KUME said...

eni, gezuar vitin e ri, dhe marrsh gjithka do nga 2008... e shtrydhsh ne maksimum :)
e di qe ke ushtruar ndikim te une? po beja plane me ca shoke, jo me shume se para gjysem ore, per te ardhur ne stamboll :)
mire u degjofshim...
PS. je shume emire :)

N.Ago said...

Urimet më të sinqerta nga unë! :)

nela said...

Yeah, I'm kind like you En, the end of the year makes me feel a sort of sad, the years flying away and so many things not accomplished. But, anyhow,I had a strange feeling these first days of the year, like wanting to make a fresh start for everything, hoping for the best this year, but with no resolutions at all, let's forget about them!! As belle_fleur said, "take life as it comes"!!!

eni said...

loerkume: flm per urimet loer te uroj dhe ty gjithe te mirat.epo atehere shikohemi ketu ose dhe ne Tirane se do vish ne takimin e fotografeve apo jo? meqe ra fjala ne ne flickr po bejme listen e atyre qe do marrin pjese , nese do vish na e konfirmo te lutem.

neki: shume falemderit !

nela: yeah , guess we're on the right way this time! cheers and good luck girl!

K. said...

beri cberi babacjapi
ndau resolucionin tek Kasapi!

Gzuar Eno!!!

po tjap kete foton e vjeter ( shume vite perpara) si dhurate :

eni said... ke vdek me letren.rrofsh dhe gezuar dhe ti!:)

K. said...

Po nuk u bente dot ta vija keshtu foto attached ketu...po nejse! erdhe kjo 2008 kaq shpejt, skam pas kohe me be rezoluta:)

eni said...

K. : hihihi me shkrive qe ne mengjes:)

LOER KUME said...

o eno, degjo, sa per listen e pjesemarresve, ideja ishte qe une te vija si shikues e shoqerues, jo si pjesemarres ne nje tour fotografik, anyway, me thuaj pakez cilat jane planet e takimit? ka levizje? nese po ku?
faleminerit paraprakisht :)
po ta kerkoj ty kete sepse nese do jem pjesemarres eshte fale fotove te tua qe me kane ndezur serish deshiren per peisazhet pikante urbane e natyrore. dhe arsyeja tjeter eshte qe me duhet te organizoj kohen.
pacim enooo

eni said...

Loer te falenderoj shume:)akoma s'kemi arritur ne perfundim por me shume mundesi do behet me 19 janar.per me shume lajme shih ketu se ketu i shkruajme te rejat me te fundit:

L.S. Alves said...

The perfectionism is the best way to become crazy. I know this because my wife is the like you say. I hope you can drive your live without the pressure that you usually make about yourself. Let the things roll is hard but I believe you can if try hard.
Hugs to you lady.

eni said...

luciano: thanks dear friend.i do appreciate all what u!

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