Saturday, January 26, 2008

When time is not a matter of time

© Photo by Eni Turkeshi

There are places, some strange places..

When you pass through them , you have a weird feeling.Firstly you think it's a deja vu , what you are experiencing , but instantly you see your senses contravene.

Because , you notice it's not like you thought, you might never have experienced or might have never been in such a place and in such a mood , yet there's something familiar there.
Something that calls for you.

You seem to remind all of these patterns,colors,shapes,frames,contours,textures and moods.You just don't know from where or since when.

It's like they have always been there..Their influence is so strong , you just loose the time perception.

Magic ain't it?


traveller one said...

And when those places find us... we are truly lucky!

eni said...


Ardent said...

Brilliant photograph!

Emigrant said...

PO! Ashtu eshte, En!

akvll-naja said...

nice shot and nice piece!

Emigrant said...

Klikoni mbi foto dhe shikojeni te zmadhuar.

Eni, eshte grandioze!

Flm, hon'!

eni said...

ardent: thanks a lot!

emigrant: wow, thank you sir..i'm flattered:)

akvll-naja : thanx dear!

belle_fleur said...

Good points Eni!

The picture is great!

eni said...

Belle: thanx dear!hugs

N.Ago said...


eni said...

flm Neki!

LOER KUME said...

o eno nuk mendon se este gjithcka reale? se keto vende te cuditshme jane pjese e jotja, jane ty, dhe ti je ato? energjia qe ndjen, ne mos evokon te njejten energji qe fle brenda teje, te pakten eshte enjohur per ty, ehasur dhe here te tjera... eshte ceshtje graviteti toke, ceshtje energjish, valesh, prerjesh hapesiro kohore, nuk mendon? po keshtu ndodh dhe me njerezit, ...

eni said...

nje kend i kendshem per tu pare.flm Loer:)

Ina said...

Eni keto lloj ndjesish, ne linje edhe me perfytyrimin e loerit, doli nje biolog e i quajti morphic resonance. Sigurisht, ne ambjentin akademik keto gjera nuk shihen me aq dashamiresi sa mes blogerave artdashes.

Komplimente ne pergjithesi per fotot.

eni said...

ina :)

Selfmaderadio said...

loved the photo. Great!

eni said...

selfi : flm hon!

drini-titi said...


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