Friday, November 07, 2008

Urban decandece

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

Decandece word might seem too exaggerated,but i do believe it’s not.

Change word would sound too mild and uncomplete in front of the huge metamorphosis of the human soul.

Nowadays showing of pain or stress is unfortunately not very much estimeed.

You risk to be a loser! You risk not to be taken seriously!

You’re just seen as a hopeless.You’re simply not taken very seriously.

So in order not to face with that,people nowaydas find it easier to act like snobs.

Acting heartlessly and dully seems very cozy .They look like they are willing to do that.

In fact it is not.It breaks hearts.

It sucks to act like you don't care at all when you're torn into pieces.

But they still do! Because hiding your feelings or ignoring them is much easier to be accepted than being seen as a goddamn emo.And no one can stand it.So we diguise ourself under the snob mask.

OK , ok , i know that all what i said above it's maybe never or not often mentioned aloud.But i'm sure all of us are conscious of this.

That is why i call this "urban decadence"...Being aware of this crap ,but not fighting it.

Do i blame people for this?No i don't they are not to be blamed.They can't help it.

Oh yeah, i forgot! I'm a decadent too:(


kinofili said...

Being aware of this crap, not fighting it... instead living with it. and it gets bigger and bigger inside. we're full of crap, for sure. :)

eni said...

yes , we are decadents, what else can you expect?:)

kinofili said...

nothing... we feed on our own decadence. ushqehemi me dekadencen tone - shqip :)

kinofili said...

te shkon shum bluza. vecse ka ngjyr te erret, por s'kishte tjeter. :)

eni said...

kinofili 1: right;)

kinofili 2 : rrofsh :) tashme kam nje aksesuar per qefin tim ne blog:)

Minerva said...

En, dekandenca kohet e fundit po me merr frymen :-P Por eshte nje dekandence pozitive, e embel, sensuale... :-D
Modelja e fotos ka diçka terheqese, nuk ka nje pamje klasike dhe kjo me pelqen.

eni said...

yes edhe mua me pelqen.eshte shoqja ime e ngushte dhe nje modele e perkryer qe paraqet perhere shume mire konceptin qe i kerkoj;)

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