Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Offering a shelter !

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

In one of Taksim's narrow ,hidden streets (a very popular Istanbul district) ,i always stop by , to have a look at a very old wood suitcase full with old photos,letters and paintings.

It always makes me sad to see them.dozens of old & not-so old photos and letters pass through my eyes.Lots of unknown faces all of them sharing the same fortune!being abandoned.
No family member to keep them,nobody to keep them safe under their precious family memories.

I don't know if the posers have any idea of the fortune of these photos and where they are exposed too.
Maybe some of them are not alive anymore,maybe some just don't care ,but still isn't it a sign of oblivion? A sense of desolation?

And what about the letters? Letters of mothers,letters of fathers,letters of sons& daughters,letters of soldiers,letters of friends and cousins,letters of lovers..
All of these warm verses , intimate words spreaded away so publicly.And so easily!

Now everybody can afford these verses,these verses that maybe years ago would mean the world to somebody!

Each piece is sold for 25 turkish kurus (something like 0,16$).

On a situation like this, all you have to do is buying it and saving the memories of the persons in these photos and letters ,their privacy and maybe offering them a new family, a new shelter.
Some place where their memories can rest.

I took this picture of this small girl.I offered her a shelter!I may be not a part of her family ,but she'll feel this way maybe as she'll have her own place in my beloved ones souvenirs .

I hope she's relieved now....


xheni said...

sikur njerezit te ishin me te pergjegjshem,dhe kaq te ndjeshem sa ty Eni,bota do kishte me pak dhimbje.
Ah sa pak miresi kemi ne njerezit brenda!pergezime Eni!

eni said...

flm e dashur Xheni:)
me raste te tere jemi te mire ose te keqij:)

akvll-naja said...

m'pëlqeu shumë ky shkimi. o çfarë trishtimi... ai kalamani tamam sikur po kërkon shtëpi...
ditë të mbarë!

eni said...

shoqe edhe une si ti mendova ndaj e morra, dukej tamam sikur po e kerkonte te hiqej prej atij pellgu fotosh e letrash..

alidea said...

... ahhh ke gjetur nje kend qe vetem ti mund ta gjeje.. me kujtove dicka te trishtueshme ama.. kur nderruam shtepi para 10 viteve na humbi nje valixhe me fotot e familjes... nuk e di nese na e vodhen ..por di qe ishim familjarisht thellesisht te trishtuar...

eni said...

me vika shume keq Alida.edhe per mua humbja e fotografive eshte shume e dhimbshme.sorry dhe paç nje dite te bukur sot.

akvll-naja said...

edhe tavani i ri më pëlqeka. :)

eni said...

hehehe flm:)
ju mirepresim ne shtepine e re:)

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