Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't lie to me!


Once ,during one of our safaris, I experienced something very interesting that led me to this post.
We were taking photos with friends at Cibali one of the old , suburbs of Istanbul, very well known for the old fashioned houses and the very untouched nostalgic neighbourhood atmosphere.
But this is not what I'm gonna talk about today..What catched my attention was this little boy, that you may see on the attached photo.
I had shot hundreds of children portraits that last hour and I was feeling a bit tired.
Then I see this guy approaching.He asked me to take his portrait too.
Damn , I was so very tired, I just needed some rest, so I rushed to say smiling:
- But , my dear I took your portrait too.
-No you didn't -, he said .-You took a lot of pictures but not mine-, said he with a stubborn voice.
I looked at his eyes and suddenly had an unexplainable feeling of shame.Felt so very bad, for how I've acted.This little guy, had disarmed me with his genuine naivite.
I forced my self to smile, for I didn't want him to understand what I was thinking.Got some shots of him, showed them to him, then he thanked me , I thanked back and he went away.

While watching him , run away happily and carelessly , I thought how hard , wrong and meaningless was lying to a child.They'd challenge everything with their genuine sense of perceiving!
This case was not an important one maybe, but I'll bear this one in mind for the future:)


ELAIS said...

You were aiming for a white lie at a moment where lying was not needed that's why you felt guilty.

Somehow we are toughest with ourselves and most forgiving with others.

eni said...

girl you are a rescuer:)

Krasta Krau said...

Ne genjejme me shume atehere kur nuk duhet... Psh kohen e takimit... dhe ata qe gejejme me shume jane femijet, ndoshta ngaqe vete na kane genjyer gjithmone, per te fsheh te verteta qe sipas tyre (te rriturve) nuk kishim pse i dinim...

akvll-naja said...

shumë e bukur fotoja!

ELAIS said...

I forgot to mention that the little kid was only craving attention and in fact either blatantly bluffing, or totally uninterested in whether you had taken his picture or not.


eni said...

krasta: ke te drejte dhe mua kjo nuk me pelqen!

akullnaja: flm yllo

elais: hope to be so..i really felt embarrased:)

Selfmaderadio said...

En, smtimes things happen :)

eni said...


belle_fleur said...

Morning Sunshine:)

Don't worry be happy! Things like that won't effect him in any way because he got what he wanted. I agree with Elais, the kid was wanting some attention and that was all.

have a great day!

eni said...

belle: maybe hon..I just got embarrased by my own white lie:)

Bana said...

cute story. keto momentet e vogla te therrin, sometimes. it's all good.

eni said...

bana:flm lal:)

L.S. Alves said...

Eni you made a wonderful thing. A big picture with one amazing history in backstage. The pic is good by herself, but changes in something greater when you add the history behind her.
I hope you agree that I send the picture and the history to friend that love photos.

eni said...

l.s.alves: obrigada amigo:) of course you can forward the story and photo to your friend:)


L.S. Alves said...

Oh! Oh! You're speaking portuguese! Well I must learn one or two words in albanian.

eni said...

l.s.alves: yep just some words pal.i learned them while guiding some brasilian friends of mine :)

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