Friday, September 19, 2008

What to do when bored:D

I found out this cool site at fb ..Take a look and make some funny nostalgic images of yourself:)
Page link:



tetena said...

tek fotoja e dyte, rreshti kater kollona kater - je si shpirt .

buli3go said...

Edhe une para ca ditesh e bera veten ne kete deregje. Edhe mund te them se kurre ne jete nuk kam qeshur me shume se ate dite.

eni said...

Tetena: :)) flm

buli3go:vertet edhe une u zbavita shume fare.kam qesh me lot

massia said...

:) e kam bere dhe une pasi e pashe ketu, por e kam fytyren shume fine, me del gjithmone e superpozuar me qafen e atyre zonjushave hehe. aman sa te shkojne ty keto floket:))

eni said...

flm bere kurioze per tyja nashti.veji ne fb po nuk pertove;)hugs

Yunus said...


I ran across your website and thought you and other expats in Turkey may be interested in trying out our long distance telephone service. This is something reall new in Turkey, and so we’re really excited about getting the word out.

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Best regards,

Yunus Çelebiler

L.S. Alves said...

Hey! One of this photos have some chance of being the Eni's new look?

eni said...

maybe the first photo at the first raw left corner if i dare;)

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