Friday, December 19, 2008

Fleeting under Atlantic Ocean


© Eni Turkeshi Photography

One of the most unique expriences i had during my stay in Iceland,was passing through an underground tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean. When i first heard i'd pass under Atlantic , i had this strange, odd feeling of something close to fear and excitement:) But straight after experiencing it, i can say that i loved it. The tunnel might be just a normal one, but it's very different the feeling you have while passing through it, maybe because you think of the ocean all the time:) It was a short tunnel , circa 6 km but enough for me to excite and amaze;) Hope you like this photo I got from this tunnel;)

For more infos check out below:

The tunnel's name is :Hvalfjördur Tunnel
Hvalfjördur Tunnel
Hvalfjördur Tunnel, located on the southwest coast of Iceland, was completed and opened in 1998. It reduced the travel distance between Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, and other localities in the west, north and, to some extent, the east coast of Iceland by 42 kilometres, with the exception of Akranes, the tunnel's closest locality, where the travel distance to Reykjavik declined by 60 kilometres. Another largescale investment project near Akranes at the same time was the construction of a new aluminium factory. (info taken from this site :


kinofili said...

nice shot! also a perfect mood for Solyaris II - Journey to the Center of the Earth :)

eni said...

hahaha glad to hear:)

LOER KUME said...

we are going highway to hell.... :)

eni said...


LOER KUME said...

eno, e ardhe ne al ti?

eni said...

erdha po kete here nejta shume pak dhe kohen qe kisha ne dispozicion e kalova neper ambasada e agjenci udhetimi se me dolen ca pune shqiposh:(

Minerva said...

Iceland? Me likes it very much :)

Si ia kalove, Enush?

eni said...

ja kalova shkelqyeshem.çdo gje ishte shume klas e dashur Minerva.
koha,njerezit shume te mire ,pastertia,ajri dhe qetesia e shoqerise aty ne pergjithesi.

Minerva said...

Absolutisht dakord! Ne fund fare, kenaqesia e udhetimit eshte e ndjera mire; miqet, peisazhet dhe atmosfera e autoktoneve jane pjese e saje.

Gezohem qe ke pasur nje eksperience te tille! :)

eni said...

flm lal.ishte vertet shume shume e bukur per mua;)

argetime_letrare said...

hi, i'm new to this, but I read your blog and decided to have a blog too, but I am finding it a little difficult to navigate in this blogging ocean (btw, vij prej peshkut :-)), psh nuk di se si mund te bej add.

P.s., me pelqeu kalendari... ide e mire per tu printuar... sidomos per tani me credit crunch-in.

eni said...

argetime letrare..flm per kam idene e kesaj credit crunchit po kontrolloj njehere;)
mire se vjen ne blogosfere:) per te bere add link-esh psh duhet te futesh tek layout qe e gjen po te klikosh tek dashboard sepse e gjen qe andej ate..pune te mbare dhe suksese:)

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