Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year is gone...


© Eni Turkeshi Photography

Yes, another year is gone.Rapidly.Immediately.
I still feel like it hasn't been a long time from the first post i wrote in the begining of this year.
Time now has become fleeting , maybe like never before.
Maybe this is because everything is happening or being lived so fast and busily , that we never realize it anymore to be passing.
Human kind will help this phenomenon to get even faster on the years to come , by developing other techologies that would make their lifes easier and more comfortable , but alas will make "the tiny important details" and precious life dynamics fade a little more.

So i stubbornly ,want to keep on, framing every important moment,in a special visual strip that comes in front of my eyes each time i ponder on this passing year.
And i realise something nice:) I have many memories , each of them filling a frame of this strip ,sometyimes with vivid ,sometimes with pale colors.I don't see all time bright,happy images ,that's right.
But that film of memories of this past year and as i promissed myself in the begining of it ; i would not underestimate any thing i would run accross.And so i'm doing and i enjoy it.
Everything was experienced by me , so it is important to me and as a result ; this imaginary film strip is not a film strip to be left burned out.And i am happy for this.
Tonight i'm going to "place" a brand new imaginary film stripe in a deep,secure corner of my soul , to use it on this new year;)
Just to prevent every event in my life from fleeting;)
Have a great new year friends and everybody that reads this blog:)


L.S. Alves said...

Girl good luck in 2009.
Hugs from your brazilian friend.

eni said...

good luck too dear Luciano.
have a great ,bright new year pal!

belle_fleur said...

Dear friend,

I am so happy that you have been able to capture every little possible detail in that film strip that we call life.
May this coming new year be fullfilling and bring lots a good and special moments so that you can cherish them for the rest of your life.

Happy New Year 2009!!!


eni said...

dearest Belle thanks a lot :-*
have a fabulous year too

N.Ago said...

Vit të mbarë, të begatë,me paqe e me lumturi, me suksese personale e profesionale!

eni said...

shume te falemderit N.Ago.
Uroj te njejten dhe per ty!
gjithe te mirat.


keep da spirit Eni keep da spirit ! kape kape kape se iku ...

kot nuk perdorim nje kalendar ku viti i ri eshte dy here me i gjate se viti i vjeter seee jane bere keto vitet si patatet e McDonalds.

eni said...

lol:) tamam

N.Ago said...

Koment jashtë teme:
Kam një propozim për të gjithë ju që vizitoni blogun tim.Qoftë për ata që janë blogger qoftë për ata që janë thjesht vizitorë të “Rrugës së Fabrikave”. Çdo ditë dhe për dy muaj rresht, marr përsipër të vendos një shkrimin tuaj në blog, i përkthyer nga unë. Domethënë, nëse është shqip ta përkthej në greqisht dhe anasjelltas.
Lexo më tepër këtu:
Faleminderit për mirëkuptimin!
v.o.Nëse duke ndjekur linkun, nuk hapet faqja, thjesht klikoni mbi titullin e blogut dhe menjëherë do hapet.

eni said...

ideja eshte shume e bukur te falemderit N.Ago dhe pergezime.

Minerva said...

Gezuar, Eni :-)

eni said...

flm e dashur.gezuar dhe ti!


por gjithesesi Eni sado te shkurta te behen vitet E KALOFSH GEZUAR 2009!

eni said...

BBC: edhe ti mik , edhe ti;)

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