Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Plants are good listeners:)

Aren't them?
I guess all of us have done it ourselves or at least have seen our moms,grandmas,aunts doing this:)
I can't say the same thing for my male relatives:) I don't think that men are very used to do this..They're not so used to caress the plants,talk to them,smile at them..
I used to laugh while watching my mom doing this, but I don't do it any longer.
Because plants are good listeners:)Yeah it may seem funny,but they truly are.
They are quiet,confident,relaxing...And I bet that they grow up faster and healthier if you talk to them,it's not just me who's saying this..It must be something studied or prooved..
And even if it's not ,who cares.I think its because of the special synergy that comes out between human beings & plants while caressing or taking care of them.

p.s:This has not much to do with the above text.I read from a site at web that plants communicate between each other using some special communication net dispatcher.But they could seriously get viruses from this.


Akarta said...

Kam nje shoqen time qe mbaron per Pemet.
Eshte rritur prane pyllit, dhe sa here qe sheh peme te bemshme, qendron perpara tyre per ore te tera.

Uaa, Eno, qeka shume mengjes per ta shpjeguar se si shtrihet ne peme, dhe rri degjon "melodine" e saj...
ose thote " kjo peme eshte peme e merzitur"

eni said...

peme e :)
hajde hajde.s'me kishte shku menja:)

Akarta said...

therrizat vs Morr??

eni said...


Minerva said...

I'm a serial plant killer, Eni. :-( As kaktuset s'me mbijetojne :-( Lucky me qe kam njerez te tjere ne shtepi qe kujdesen per komunikime nder-bimore. :-P

eni said...

Minerva , dear edhe une pak a shume si ti jam:)
por ama me bimet e mirembajtura te sime meje edhe flas ndonjehere:))

Godsend said...

Pasi lexova kete me ne fund mund tja them sekretin tim dikujt. :)) Ne dhomen time studentore kam pasur nja 7 saksi lulesh. Te miat ishin vetem dy, te tjerat me kishin mbetur ne dere :)) Ne kohe sezoni, kur beja pushim i ujisja nje nga nje duke i folur seciles me shume embelsi dhe, do ti qe u harlisen e u mbushen, aq sa e zonja e dy prej saksive kur erdhi t'i merrte u habit shume, por sigurisht qe nuk ja tregova "sekretin", sepse as une vete nuk e besoja, por e perdorja thjesht si forme terapie. Por ja qe funksionon! :)

eni said...

e sheh qe eshte e vertete..me vika mire qe paska dhe te tjere qe mendokan keshtu:)

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