Sunday, April 25, 2010

Redscale-Multiple Exposure-Fisheye -Prague

note all images : © Eni Turkeshi Photography


My last visit to Prague was more interesting i would say;)
Not only because the weather was nice and warm and sunny & not only because spring has bursted so wonderfully in this lovely city.


My most exciting experience this time , was trying redscale film ;)
I think Prague is one of the best places to do this;)
For those of you who do not know redscale film , it is a photographic experiment in which you expose the film in the wrong side (a.k.a the other side that the emulsion is).
For more infos check here:


I was introduced to this beauty by one of my hungarian friends
(check his photos here:
and thank you btw Attila ;)
I was stunned by the crazy colors so decided to try it.


But i thought that taking multiple exposures and using fisheye lens would make this photos even crazier so i did it that way (and once again thanks for your camera Attila;)


Unfortunately something went wrong with the first film so i had only one other redscale film left, but i`m really happy with the colors and results in general;)
Hope you`ll enjoy too;)
Here are some of the photos from my first redscale film ;)
More to come soon;)





Hollow said...

These are very good ;)
especially the fourth starting from the end.

eni said...


L.S. Alves said...

Eni, excuse me, but I don´t understand the mix of images in many photos. You shot then behind a window?
Hugs girl.

eni said...

no i didn`t shot them through a window but since 2 images are mixed in one photo they look like reflections;)

hugs back

© osma harvilahti said...

Probably like the first one the most! That fisheye works in it perfectly.

eni said...


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