Friday, January 16, 2009

The big pretenders escaping to face theirselves

© Eni Turkeshi Photography

I've always made fun of such kind of people.
I mean the "pretending-to- be" ,different ,special , one-of a kind , unique , smart asses.

Pardon my rude language, but i can't help it.

These persons always tend to act snobbishly & not interested at anything.
Yes i do accept they might look charismatic , at least for some time.

One tends to feel respect towards people acting selective.Because you believe they do it because of a good reason or because they are induced to choose something.

But it's not , because generally they just criticize without explaining why or without letting you know about their "bright" own ideas.They should have some great ideas since they keep boincing all time don't they?

But it all looks so ugly and quite stupid , when you get their real target.
They just tend to depress and discourage.
By any means.
In any way.

Even when they know ,what they say is not right, even when they aren't sure at all about what they say.They can't help it.
It looks like this makes them feel happy & relieved.And superior.

Now how crappy is that: ) And how desperate.
I say it because almost all of them , are not the most creative persons or not mastering at any field.
So why is all this mess about then?
Why such a fake pathos on their criticism?

I hope you don't missunderstand.I'm not saying that everyone has to praise everybody's work all time.I wouldn't be saying anything about this stuff if i didn't feel the absurdity this way.
For that reason i called my post "the big pretenders , escaping to face theirselves".

So let us toast to honesty,non- sabotaged perception and genuine passion to create!
And let us give a hand to them.


L.S. Alves said...

People are people in anywhere in the world. The better is don't waste your time with they. Because in the end they don't will pay your's bill's or lay down their heads in your pillow.

eni said...

:) right Luciano

cheers dude

Minerva said...

Eni, great people know how to formulate criticism in a graceful way. But of course, on the other side, you've the destructive criticism with the only objective of destroying your self-esteem. I think that the best way to survive these people is constant destillation.
At the end, trust me, they're the most insecure people. They're those who want to affirm themself by trying to make other people look/feel bad.


Dhjata e shek xixellonj
Commandement #1

I thuhet "ehe ehe, ke te drejte". Ia ben me dore dhe pastaj: "Ku te kam pare une ty mo???? Hec bab vazhdo rrugen per Qaf Krrab!"


Xhuxhmentalet jane pupupupu, Allahu i madh dhe i plotfuqishem na ruajt!

eni said...

Minerva dhe BBC: i totally sympathize with you guys:)

Anonymous said...

But in a way..we need those people!

It's just fun to have them around and see how much they struggle to be someone else.

eni said...

that is true hollywood206:)

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