Friday, September 17, 2010

`Meditation room 2010`

This is the name of my very first installation;)
It`s not a masterpiece but it was so fun to do it and very inspiring at the same time;)
We had this project called `landart` at school and for those of you who don`t know what is it i can tell it`s mainly art created in nature using only natural object found in nature.(more about it here :

We were sent to a half cement factory/ half junkyard closeby the school.Actually it was a very good place for natural objects.
My project though, didn`t turn out to be a landart project ;)But i still used only natural object to do it so;)
I found a rusty , old , huge metal tube against which i had a `love at first sight` feeling;)I decided to use it for my project the very first time i saw it;)
The idea of `meditation room` came strightly afterwards ;)
I decided to make this old, abandoned, rusty place a cozy, warm, peaceful shelter of meditation.

So the first thing was to collect the materials , which were nice enough but sometimes hard to carry , sometimes hard to be pulled out from the junk!
I spend around 1 hour to pull out 6 pieces of rusty chains from the junk, but it was worth it i think;)

The other materials used were different kind of stones,different kinds of wood ashes , some other metal junks, dry flowers, mosses, shells, some fresh grass and some fresh but injured leaves .I tried not to harm nature at all while doing it!
In the video you might get a better idea of the materials i used and the places where i got them.

Except the main idea of the meditation room , i tried to enhance the idea of humanity not protecting the nature (the rusty chains hanged in the tube symbolise the industrialisation and a decay of awareness in general), but the nature and nature elements in a way protect and recycle theirselves in an infinite way(this is enhanced more by the spiral symbols which can be seen everywhere).

And the last but not the least ;) i prepared a meditation pillow, out of wood and grass.It came out very cozy and put me in the mood to meditate;)
I had never meditated before but i tried to this time and it felt nice , even though i don`t know if i did it right;)

It was a nice experience but too short;)But it is still there for anyone that wants to go and meditate (Vraa Morkerwerk) ;)


© osma harvilahti said...

Beautiful location and objects.

Nice to hear you´re coming to Helsinki! I´m going to be quite busy next week with my studies and photography deadlines. I f we can´t find the time to meet up, at least I can list some places you should see while you´re here. Most of these you would visit anyway because these are places that most photographers visiting Helsinki would go anyway.

There´s a great retrospective of Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti at the museum of photography (Suomen valokuvataiteen museo (fin)
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 G,00180 Helsinki), and some other nice stuff too.

Check out Kiasma the museum of modern art, if theres something interesting going on.

© osma harvilahti said...

The weather forecast looks quite positive so you should go to this old fortress island, it´s a 15 min. boat-trip from Helsinki´s "kauppatori" the market square right in the center of the city close to esplanad park. Its beautiful, go there if it´s not too windy or raining.

Also Seurasaari "ancient national finnish culture island" could be worth a visit, grab a buss no 24 from Erottaja

The most beautiful neighbourhoods are probably Eira, Ullanlinna (a street named korkeavuorenkatu is one of my favourites), Punavuori (used to be bourgoise n.hood, now cleaner) and old part of Katajannokka if youre after some Jugend architecture. Punavuori is sort of trendier neighbourhood with some nice little cafes and shops. The little bit more grotesque part of Helsinki is the district of Kallio with it´s multicultural and "relaxed" atmosphere, lots of pubs and students there and a nice trendy bar named Siltanen (Hämeentie 13 b). You can take a cheap sightseeing trough the different parts of the city with the tram number 3b. A good way to get an impression of what helsinki is about. And if youre after some portraits of interesting looking people, kallio might be a suitable place, but be careful with your belongings.

© osma harvilahti said...

Good places to eat:
More budget:
Bar 9: at Uudenmaankatu 9
Tori: Punavuorenkatu 2
Bali Hai: Iso Roobertinkatu 35-37
Nolla: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, also a nice bar during wed, fri and sat.
Kuukuu: Museokatu 17

Fine and more expencive:
Grotesk: one of my favs, Ludviginkatu 10
Elviira: Punavuorenkatu 3
Atelje Finne: perfect, not that expencive and right next to my place,Arkadiankatu 14
Strindberg: I used to work here and it´s a good place to try traditional finnish and swedish citchen, Pohjoisesplanadi 33

If you have any questions you can contact me, and I´ll give you more info. Let me know which dates you´re here, and I can check if there´s a hole in my schedule and we could meet up!



eni said...

Osma thank you so very much for your infos;)
all so great and picky;)
i went to kiasma and that photography exhibition it was really great.
our hostel was close to the old fish market , we could go to some of the places you have written.
we found a bar called `llamas` we really liked it;)
i`m sad i couldn`t meet you and couldn`t go to these special places you have mentioned especially the one i could have get the portraits.
but thank you so very much for your disposal, very much appreciated!
sorry for not writing before since i hadn`t my laptop with me and i couldn`t go online this week.

thanks once more about everything!
loved your city, especially the architecture very very cool!
i hope to visit it again soon, this time i`ll follow your instructions;)

cheers mate

© osma harvilahti said...

Good to hear you liked it and found my tips useful! Llamas is nice yeah! Don´t worry, I was very busy trough the whole week so... Hey, maybe next time!

Hopefully you´ll publish some Helsinki-material in the near future!


eni said...

;) i`m glad you like LLAMAS too;)
yeah hopefully we`ll meet someday;)
yes your info was really cool and particular;)
i didn`t tae much digital since my dslr has problems so took some with my point and shoot camera and some color film which i`ll to develop a.s.a.p

cheers & kiitos;)

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