Thursday, August 31, 2006

I miss my little tiger !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

po ce me cupe s'mi pranove ngushellimet?

eni said...

falemderit Anonymous...

po macja sme ka ngordhur ende, vetem se kam pak kohe qe se kam prane, e megjithate do tme vije se shpejti !
gjithsesi falemderit.

Bg anon said...

Cute - but dont cats usually get a bit worried anywhere close to a bath or a sink?

Must be a cool cat.

eni said...

thanx bg anon...
yes that what he is :) a cool cat....
as you may have noticed I called my cat : he as a person,cause it's such a clever and special animal that sometimes we think he might me a human indeed:)there are days we expect him to speak to us, so meaningly he looks to our eyes:)
when he means : leave me alone he makes an angry meow.Also when you throw him a ball( a small one I mean) he plays for a while or tries to find it and after comes to you with the ball with a conqueror's smile :)
yes my cat is a real cool one!

Ozan K. Bekmezci said...

Why are tigers and such called as big cats? One may call her cat as small tiger:) Another may call every cat as small tiger. What's the difference!

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